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Dance as Ritual, Prayer, Awakening, Healing, Community and the Expression of our Creative Sexual Energy


Ahava Sacred Dance® is a holistic dance practice for women which activates, celebrates and honors the channel of pure life force known as Shakti.  Shakti is the personification of the Divine Feminine Energy which animates all living things. Unifying Sacred and Ancestral Dances from different cultures, Intuitive Movement, Mantric Choreography, Sacred Sounds, Tantric Healing, Drum and Voice expression, and various applications  of Spirituality and Psychology, we embark on a journey to search for our ancestral roots, to the connection with our divine channel of life, to the resurgence and the veneration of the Sacred Feminine and to the birth of a new Consciousness with roots in our hearts. 

Ahava Mystical Dance® helps us remember those things that can never be put into words. It is designed to feel how the body and movement are a portal to remembering, to feel how our perspective shifts from going through the motions to savoring life as sacred. Dance becomes our spiritual practice.

Dance is the language of the soul. Done with awareness and intention it is a moving meditation that expresses our authenticity and helps us to re-discover ourselves, revealing mysteries of our psyche and our connection to the Source. Ahava Sacred Dance is a dance from the inside out. We learn to connect first with our true essence, with our soul, and then remove the external. This helps us to move through life with more empowerment, staying true to who we are. In this Dance Practice we activate all the infinite expressions of the Feminine Incarnation. We also activate and balance the chakras on an energetic, emotional, physical and spiritual level.

The Feminine is the energy that encompasses everything that is ALL and manifested in life itself, and all this energy can be found in our womb, the space filled with infinite possibilities that connects us with God / Goddess. Purifying and activating its power, this sacred space becomes  Holy. Living in Shakti is a philosophy of life, it is honoring and savoring  life itself in every moment. It means understanding that everything, every act, every thought, affects the whole. It also means that we allow life to speak to us.

 The word Ahava means love in the Hebrew Biblical language.  Love in the sense of giving, of being in constant service.  Also Love in a sense of Longing to become ONENESS. Love implies action and within this action the sense of the EGO disappears.

Ahava is the first word Mary Magdalene said to me when her presence came to me in 2011. In my research I found that this Word was made up of 3 Hebrew Letters: A (Aleph), meaning one, our relationship to the Divine and to the Divinity within us.  H (Hei) meaning Grace and Gratitude.  V (Beit), which is a house in which our spirit dwells, meaning that our bodies are temples of our souls and should be celebrated.  This Word is of Divine Feminine Energy. GRACE. GRATITUDE. UNDONDITIONAL LOVE. EMBODIED PRESENCE. SERVICE. PATH OF LOVE.

The Sessions have the following structure:


1.    Tuning in with our inner teacher and the presence of Shekinah, the Holy Spirit.  Opening Ritual Circle.

2.    The Class Theme is introduced

3.     Pranic Warm up exercises along with Yoga Techniques (Kundalini, Tantra and Womb Yoga)

4.     Dance.  Guided Movement. Choreographed Dance to create mind – body connection.  Free Dance with a guided intention for our creative expression.  Shadow Dance to honor the challenges in our lives.  Dance Movement Therapy and Holistic Movement.  Dance Forms: Persian dance, Middle Eastern Dance, Devotional and Ritual Dance from India, African Dance, Sufi Dance, Organic Flamenco, Sacred Geometry Dances, Womb Dance.

5.    Drumming, Chanting, Vocal Expression

6.    Community Connection – we use body language to connect with our sisters.

7.    Meditations with mantras and channeling

8.     Integration

9.    Circle Work: Sharing through language, sacred journal writing, Oracle cards for guidance,Painting and drawing, etc.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Ahava Sacred Dance Workshops & Trainings

Once a month I offer an online Workshop.  There are many workshops available also online that you can purchase and practice in your own rhythm. Once a year I facilitate Retreats in Ahava Sacred Dance if you are interested in receiving a formal training in this method.

May the Magdalene flame guide you every day in every way.


Ana Otero