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Dance as Ritual, Prayer, Awakening, Healing, Community and the Expression of our Creative Sexual Energy


The Living Holy Temple is our deepest and highest potential, manifested in our physical form. When our Soul is completely integrated onto this physical plane we start to live our true Divine Humanity, we become vehicles and vessels of the Divine and embody the highest frequencies of Light and Love. This is MAGIC.

Ahava Sacred Dance is a Movement Practice that trains the body to hold more light. In the Gnostic Teachings this Light travels down through our body as we allow the Shekhinah, the Divine Feminine Presence, to come in through our Crown Chakra (Pineal Gland). This is very connected to the awakening of the Tree of Life Template in our Bodies.

Part of our Soul lives in the Arc Line above our Heads, just like the images of the Saints with their golden arc lines. It is said that the soul that inhabits the arc line is called the Mazal. Part of our journey in our incarnation is to bring the Mazal down, and this is when the Soul is completely integrated in the Body.

In this embodiment practice we explore the Principles of Ahava Sacred Dance (mudras, Celestial Communication, Movement Meditations, Dance Movement Therapy, Breath Work, Sacred Dance) and within the Drumming we practice specific Rhythms and Chants and dive into the practices of Voices from Eden (awakening of Light Language). I also incorporate beautiful Movement Meditations that awakens the Tree of Life Template in our bodies. 

 The word Ahava means love in the Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic.  Love in the sense of giving, of being in constant service.  Also Love in a sense of Longing to become ONENESS. Love implies action and within this action the sense of the EGO disappears.

Ahava is the first word Mary Magdalene said to me when her presence came to me in 2011. In my research I found that this letters of Ahava also activate the following: 1. oneness, our relationship to the Divine and to the Divinity within us.  2. Grace and Gratitude.  3. Activating the  house in which our spirit dwells, meaning that our bodies are temples of our souls and should be celebrated.  AHAVA IS GRACE, GRATITUDE.,UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, EMBODIED PRESENCE, SERVICE, PATH OF LOVE.

This is a wonderful opportunity to start a practice that can awaken/enhance your creativity and bring you closer to Devotional Embodiment. Make these practices part of your daily life and you will experience powerful changes in your life. The inner and the outer will start to align and the expansion of your energy body will allow you to feel radiant and aligned to the longing of your soul. How blissful to live Creativity as a Spiritual Practice.


Ana Otero

Ahava Sacred Dance Workshops & Trainings

There are many workshops available also online that you can purchase and practice in your own rhythm. Please sign up to my newsletter to receive information on in person and online retreats and workshops. You can also visit the online school where you will find many workshops of Ahava Sacred Dance that you can do at your own rhythm.

In His and Her Holy Name.
Ana Otero

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