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The Myrraphore Tradition

Ahava Mystical Oils @ follows the tradition of the Myrraphores, the Priestesses of the Sacred Essential Oils. Mary Magdalene and other Biblical women were great Myrraphores and used these sacred oils both for anointing themselves in rituals and for the sanction and activation of human potential. The Sacred Essential Oils speak to us with their medicine, each one with its own spirit, and used as medicine, therapy and in ceremony they bring us mystical, tangible benefits in the physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual bodies.

The Magdalene Flame Sacred Oil Therapy

This Oil Therapy is in our Shop - Temple and consists of 5 different oils with a prayer - invocation for each oil. Therapy of these oils is 6 weeks. Every week an oil is used with the prayer invocation and in the sixth week one oil is used per day. Day 7 of the sixth week is the Completion Ritual.

These oils work together and are for the sanction of all bodies, for karmic sanction and reptilian programming (fear, insecurity, etc.). The most fantastic thing is that as they heal us, they fill us with joy, energy, love, abundance, magnetism, health, connection, light, anchorage, presence. Each Oil works an Element, a Planet and a sacred sound. Each Oil has a mixture of selected oils with a lot of study and experience and is suitable for Pregnant Women and Men and Women who are going through a physical and / or emotional illness.

The price of this therapy is 222 euros (shipping costs are separate). You will receive the 5 oils, a crystal for each oil, the invocations - prayers, the ritual, and the mantra that you have to sing with each oil. You will receive an activation image of Mary Magdalene for your altar or wherever you want to place it.

To purchase these oils that are part of Llama Magdala Therapy, contact us. We ship to all parts of the world. Payments are made by PayPal or by Bank Transfer those who are residents of Spain. Contact me directly for the acquisition of this Sacred Oil Therapy LA LLAMA MAGDALA.

From our Temple we have many Oils. These will be accessible through our page and at the same time if you need an oil to be programmed specifically for you, contact us.

With Love and Gratitude, I have you in my Heart.

If you are interested in Training in the Myrraphore tradition please contact me, as we do this online training once a year.

Ana Otero

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