Activation of the Temple of Solomon
Month of October 2020

The Star of David, a sacred geometry that symbolizes Sacred Inner Union, was actually known as the Seal of Solomon. Solomon´s Temple was a mystical place where one could commune with Light Beings.  I truly believed that this Temple existed and I also believe that this Temple can be found inside, in our inner dwelling place.

In this 4 part series of Ahava Sacred Dance we will enter our Inner Chamber and open the door that will lead us into the Temple of Solomon. 


Ahava Sacred Dance Includes:

Sacred Dance

Kabbalistic Yoga

Frame Drumming

Chanting in Aramaic


Week 1: Genesis

Week 2: Arc of the Covenant

Week 3: The Garden of Eden

Week 4: Shekinah Blessing

The Ahava Sacred Dance Sessions will be on Sundays in October (October 4, 11, 18, 25)

9,00 AM - 10,30 AM CET

If you cannot make it in real time the replay will be available for 24 hours.

Price for the 4 week series: 111 euros

May the Magdalene Flame guide you every day in every way.


Ana Otero

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