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Shela is the word that Mary Magdalene uses to describe PRAYER. It literally means to cover oneself. When we cover ourselves, we go within, deep into our womb space, our soul cave, where we find oneness with our Soul. Alaha Shela means prayer in Sacred Unity. The Alaha Shela Body Practices are a an integration of Aramaic Alchemy Yoga, Kabbalistic Practices, Sacred Dance and Magdalene Womb Yoga. Alaha Shela awakens our Yesodic State of Consciousness.

EMBODIMENT is the experience of wholeness,​ an integration of mind/body/spirit​. The body​ is a vehicle through which the entire human being and one’s relationship to life can be explored.

Embodiment is the moment-to-moment process by which we can allow awareness to enhance the flow of sensations, feelings, thoughts, images and energies through our bodily selves. 


Ana Otero

Join our Online School the Desert Rose Mystery School! There are many workshops and programs that you in which you can experience the Alaha Shela Body Practices.


Let us return to honor our Body - Temple. Through Alaha Shela we create beauty, healing and new realities while rescuing the mystical arts and a unifying network of the ancient and the new.

Ana Otero



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