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Sacred Flamenco is based on Flamenco in its origins, danced barefoot and with its gypsy, Hebrew, Hindu and oriental influences, with a dance-therapeutic and holistic approach.

It is my natural expression to dance Flamenco barefoot. Although I have received many years of training and adore the elaborate footwork with my elegant flamenco shoes, I love the freedom and the lyricism of dancing barefoot.

When I studied the dance of Isadora Duncan, I felt the same freedom as Flamenco gives me when I dance it barefoot. In Isadora´s Dance the body is an instrument for receiving the Divine Creative Channel. In Sacred Flamenco, as we dance barefoot, the body is an instrument for grounding this Creative Channel.

The voice of the Dance Language in Sacred Flamenco is inspired by the ancestral roots of this Art Form. Spanish Dancing can be documented back to the Roman Empire. For example, the Puellae Gaditanae were dancers from the south of Spain who took Rome by surprise. They used finger cymbals, elaborate footwork and undulating movements similar to those found in Belly Dancing.

With the establishment of Christianity, the Puellae Gaditanae were forbidden by the Emperor Theodosious as they were seen as too sensual. Another dance that was also forbidden was the ZAMBRA. This was a traditional dance of the Nastrid Kingdom of Granada.

Another very popular dance was the Dancing with the Tambourine, with Sepharidic, Gypsy and Moorish roots.

Flamenco was always danced barefoot until the 20th century. Dancing barefoot was beginning to be seen as an expression of poverty as we slowly started to disconnect ourselves from MOTHER EARTH. As Flamenco started to have a more theatrical expression, shoes slowly became part of the dance language.

Part of my lineage is Sephardic through my mother´s line and dancing Flamenco in its true expression awakens so many different cultures within me as I hope this will do the same for you.

Dance is a spiritual practice in so many ways. Dance teaches us discipline and grace. Our bodies learn to move in new ways, thus allowing us to see life in different perspectives. Dance is inclusive and interconnectedness is its nature. The beauty of Flamenco is that it grounds us and allows us to see the beauty in our daily lives. Flamenco is a great Spiritual Practice for manifesting and for understanding the organic laws of manifestation. Flamenco is the Earth and the Heart uniting in Sacred Matrimony.

In this Sacred Flamenco Training we will study the following:

Flamenco Arm Patterns

Flamenco Floreo (elaborate hand movements)

Flamenco Footwork (barefoot)

Flamenco Body Work

Flamenco Dance Warm Ups

Yoga Warm ups.

Dance Warm ups that include Indian, Hebrew and Arabic inspiration.

Palos (Flamenco Rhythms) with Palmas (hand clapping), Footwork, Finger Cymbals, Frame Drum and Tambourine.

Dancing with the Mantón, the Spanish Scarf.

Dance Technique: Zambra, Rumba, Tambourine, Solea

Choreography: Solea, Rumba, Zambra, Frame Drum Routine

Meditation and Chanting Sacred Sounds.

There are also be some lessons that contain theory and history.

This training has 06 modules. You can do the modules in your own rhythm and start whenever you want.

This new course starts on the 1st of September. You are free to take your time as Dance is a Spiritual Practice and to tune the instrument which is the body has a different rhythm for all of us. You have your own rhythm as this course is completely online.

Upon finishing the training in Sacred Flamenco Level 1, you will receive accreditation from our School, Mary Magdalene Mystery School, and the International Dance Council which will accredit you with an International Certificate.

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Ana Otero

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Online Training will be available in 2021