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The Black Madonna

The Black Madonna

This Beautiful image of the Black Madonna is part of the desert Rose Oracle cards that I have co-created with the artist Gabriel Icka.


The Black Madonna Online Retreat


The Black Madonna Novena

9 Days of Devotion to the Black Madonna. This 9 day journey is online and is a powerful Awakening and Embodiment of the Black Madonna.



The Dark Void, the Emptiness, the Blackness, the Cosmic Silence, the Forever Unknowable and Mysterious, You are the root of light.

The Black Madonna guides us through our darkness and represents the inner process of transformation. She is the giver of healing, inspiration and transformation.

The Black Madonna represents everything in the blackness beyond physical sight, unperceived by our senses.

The Black Madonna awakens in us a call to the darkness, a journey to the depths within, a pilgrimage to the shrine of our own inner darkness. In this inner darkness we will heal, face our shadows and integrate the different parts of our SELF. In this inner darkness we know that we are the infinite potential of creation and love, just as the Black Madonna is.

Dark Mother, temple of heaven and earth.

Our Lady of the dark night, restorer of humanity and Giver of peace.

Our Lady of Eternal Light, brigner of truth.


Show us to become the the fragrant flower of our seeds that you bless. Show us how to manifest strength and dignity.

Show us the way to right action.


Give us discernment in moments of doubt.

Grant us humility to walk in our Path.

Show us how to forgive ourselves and accept ourselves. Remind us to be vulnerable.

Show us that our tears are cleansed and received by you. Restore our Faith in who we are.


My love for you has awakened my grace.


Ana Otero

In His and Her Holy Name.


Ana Otero

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