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I started studying Astrology when I was 9 years old. Since I got closer to this world I realized that cyclicality, although it seems chaotic, is completely ordered. The patterns that exist in Astrology are perfect, they repeat themselves with crystalline precision.

Astrology is an esoteric tool to investigate the cosmos and ourselves. The word astrology translates to "the study of the stars." In ancient Greek and Vedic traditions, astrology is known as the science of light. The processes of life were considered to be closely related to the stars and planets. The positions of the planets and stars were always consulted to know the best times for cultivation and harvest, for the application of certain therapies and medicines, and for many other aspects of life.

The study and practice of astrology has also been part of esoteric and spiritual wisdom because it gives us an archetypal and cosmic understanding of the world and of ourselves. With astrology, the microcosm of the human being and the macrocosm of the universe are one.

Astrologer-astronomers have always known that the Earth and the planets revolve around the Sun (heliocentric), but astrology is based on the perspective of the Earth (geocentric). From a geocentric perspective, the Sun and the planets move through the zodiac in a line called the ecliptic.

The zodiac is a wheel of twelve constellations that are twelve cosmic archetypes. Moving within the wheel of the zodiac are the ten main planets that have different qualities of movement and energy. This endless combination of energies describes almost everything about our lives as humans and the world we create on Earth.

Geocentricity is important because the Earth is our home and our perspective matters a lot to a mystical science that relates to humanity.

The natal chart is like a snapshot of the heavens when we were born and breathed for the first time, establishing the microcosm / macrocosm relationship of our Essence with the universe.
Knowing the language of astrology allows us to read these psychological and spiritual planes, showing the universal archetypes that infuse our consciousness through karma and other influences. By using astrology as a map of our psychological mechanicity, as well as our potential, we learn how to overcome our karmic patterns and not submit to a future predetermined by the past.

Gnostic Astrology

Gnostic Astrology is the Term that I have given to the work I do with Astrology. In this Gnostic Experience there is an integration of Evolutionary Astrology, Intuitive Astrology, Kabbalistic Astrology and Esoteric Astrology. Evolutionary Astrology is a very strong base in my work and from the lineage of Mary Magdalene I feel that Astrology is a great School of Mysteries. In Gnostic Astrology we use practices such as invocations, prayer, Sacred Dance and meditation to work with the energies of the zodiacal signs and planets. We also work with the elemental deities of Fire, Earth, Air and Water. I have verified from my own experience that it is possible to speak in the language of the planets and redirect ourselves towards the highest expression of our BEING.

Astrology in the Three Realities

Physical reality. An astrology study can teach us about our world and the diversity of energetic influences on ourselves and others.

Psychological reality. Astrology can help us understand our inner inclinations and blind spots, and thus learn to generate tolerance and understanding for other people.

Esoteric Reality. We can ask divine beings related to the cosmos we study for help, to help us awaken and transform ourselves.

I facilitate Teachings of Gnostic Astrology in the Magdalene Lunar Rose Membership and in different workshops that I offer.

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