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Yeshua Christ Messiah


This Beautiful image of Yeshua is part of my Desert Rose Oracle cards. Artist :  Gabriel Icka.


Course on Yeshua


An Embodied Experience of Yeshua

Travel back 2000 years and bridge the pure teachings of Yeshua with this present time of human evolution.


 Yeshua´s parents were Mary, a Maryam, An Essene Priestess of the Light and Yoasaph, an Essene who was incharge of creating Temple Space. The Essenes possessed insight into the scriptures as well as an understanding of the true meaning of the life of the soul incarnates. They dressed in white, lived as vegetarians, practised an economy whereby everything was held in common, opposed the custom of animal sacrifice, took ritual baths, tilled the land, studied and copied the holy writings, interpreted dreams, were astrologers and cultivated prophecy, knew about herbs, sacred oils and crystals, and were also outstanding healers. Two historians of the time wrote the following of the Essenes: 


‘A race apart, more remarkable than any other in the world’ 



‘They are truly masters of belief, truth and uprightness … true servants of peace’ 



Yeshua as Messiah and Teacher, when Baptized by Yohanan, continued his own Ministry, weaving the great teachings he had received from the different Mystery Schools. Beloved of Mary Magdalene, He is the Desert Rose.


Ana Otero

In His and Her Holy Name.


Ana Otero

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