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In our Magdalene Moon Gatherings we celebrate the Cycles of the Moon through the teachings of Mary Magdalene. The New Moons, Full Moons, High Holidays, Venus transits and other Cosmic Dances are celebrated to receive the Activations that lead us to be interconnected with Everything and Everyone, awakening the template of our SACRED HUMANITY.

New Moon in Virgo Feminine Christ Awakening
Priestess / Priest Archetype
Celebrating Mary Magdalene as Teacher 
September 17 16,00 CET / 10,00 EST

 This is a very special ceremony and workshop for me as Mary Magdalene embodies the Virgo Archetype, just as Yeshua embodies the Pisces Archetype, both Virgo and Pisces being polarities.

In this New Moon in Virgo Ceremony and Workshop we will be seeding our intentions through the devotion, as we honor the Prophecy of the arrival of the Feminine Christ, Mary Magdalene.  As we gather in Community we will weave the structures we want to bring in our new world.

I will be sharing my newest chant in Aramaic and I will teach and Aramaic Moon Chant to taken in the energy of the moon within us.

As part of the workshop we will discuss the mystical teachings of Virgo, how to embody the essence of Virgo´s teachings, and Sun and Moon in Virgo light and shadow aspects.  I will facilitate a Magdalene Holy Womb Black Light Meditation (always done on the New - Dark Moon).

Gathering to honor the moon is an ancient tradition that helps us synchronize our human experience with the cycles of nature. The New Moon is a time to seed intentions aligned with the energies moving in through the Moon and to purify the Shadow aspect of the Solar Energy. It is a time to become empty and to be the Holy Vessel of Reception.

In this New Moon in Virgo Magdalene Holy Womb Ceremony we will experience the Following:
- Astrological insights
- Mary Magdalene as the Embodiment of the Virgo Archetype
- Magdalene Holy Womb Black Light Meditation
- Ahava Sacred Dance Devotion Meditation to honor Mary Magdalene
- Drumming and Chanting in Aramaic
- Journaling Prompts for Seeding Intentions on this New Moon
- Community
- Receive a Channeling from Mary Magdalene
- Oracle Reading


For this Ceremony we will be using:

A Garnet Crystal

2 candles

A red rose

Essential Oil Blend: Rose and Neroli.  Mixing blend for a 2 oz - 50ml bottle. 16 drops of Jasmine, 20 drops of Rose. This oil can be used through the entire Virgo Lunation and will also be sued for the Full Moon Ceremony.

The Moon Ceremonies and Workshops are part of the Magdalene Moon Gatherings Membership.  To join click on the following button.


May the Magdalene Flame guide you every day in every way.


Ana Otero


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