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The Desert Rose Bee Mentorship

Did you know that your voice can be a channel for the Divine energies that want to flow through you?

Welcome to the Desert Rose Bee Mentorship

Your voice is a gateway, a portal, to your Soul´s Divine Expression. It is a gateway to your Infinite Inner Realms. Your voice is sacred and awakens remembrance of the multidimensional being that you are.

Your voice is the most potent form of healing and manifestation. Your voice is the sacred temple of the Sound of the Universe and the expansion of creation.

Sound patterns unlock codes that we can access and deliver. Sacred Light Language is when the sound and vibration of the word that we are saying is actually its sound and vibration. Our voices contain the sound of the Cosmos and for this reason we chant in Sacred Languages like Aramaic, Biblical Hebrew, Sanskrit and Light Language. When we embody certain vibrational frequencies healing and manifestation becomes a magical art.

The Hathor Temple in Egypt is a perfect example of how the Priestesses and Priests worked together to manifest through sound. Sacred temples and buildings were constructed through sound. We are now given the opportunity to access this Galactic and multidimensional gift that always have lived within us, we have just been veiled for such a long time.


The Desert Rose Bee dives into the teachings of the Maryams, the Priestesses of the Light, and calls in the Seed of Light of Venus through the Desert Rose Rhythms, Sound Vibration and Light Language.

Imagine what you can create with your own sound!

Your own signature Sacred Sound can help you clear blockages and limiting beliefs from the subconscious so you can tune into your authentic sound and begin expressing it to the world.

The Desert Rose Bee Mentorship is a Healing Experience and a Musical and Vocal Ecstatic Odyssey.

I KNOW you have a message to share through your voice, whether it be through song, poetry, music or light language, your voice longs to create and manifest.

It is our responsibility to channel our voice into this world to heal ourselves and others and to awaken the light within others.

This  Mentorship works with the Teachings of the Desert Rose Bee and is open to a very small group of Sacred Sound Seekers and Desert Rose Bee Keepers. We start in the month of January 2023. This Mentorship is online and it is an opportunity to work very closely with me.

In this mentorship we align with the Sacred Sound of the Desert Rose Bee which is the frequency of the Hathor - Venus Sound Current (This is the Sound Current found in the Pleiadian and Hathors Light Language, The Essene Toning Tradition and the Magdalene - Yeshua Christ Lineage of Aramaic Light Language. We work with Hathor - Venus Embodiment Practices.

- Activate the healing potential of your voice.

- Awaken the Galactic Multidimensional Voice of the Soul.

- Release the false layers of toxic energy through Sacred Sound Currents.

- Release hidden blocks to your expression and experience the full power of your voice.

- Deepen your connection with the divine through sound.

-Use intention and sound to transform areas of your life.

- Use Sacred Sound to Open Sacred Space and access multidimensional expressions.

- Step into your leadership by activating your Signature Sound Current.

- Learn how to embody and express Light Language.

- Your voice is beautiful. She wants to express herself fully.

The most important and powerful sound healing tool is our own voice. I will support you in opening and grounding your voice as a channel for healing energy. You were born to sing, express and create freely. Through Desert Bee Sacred Sound  practices  you will  free your voice, release limiting beliefs and open your creative channel. 

As the Desert Rose Bee guides us to Heal and Awaken, there will be vocal Sound Healing Practices as we closely work together.

What’s Included:

- 5  Desert Rose Bee Mentorship sessions with Ana. These sessions are held every 2 weeks within a small group. Follow up and reflections. Each session will lasts  2.5  hours. All through the Zoom Platform. The dates of all Sacred Sessions will be given once you sign up.

– 1 Hathor - Venus Healing Session. (2 hours)

– Recorded practices to anchor your transformation. 

– A curated Hathor - Venus daily practice and Venus  rituals to help you awaken your sacred voice. This practice is the most important part of your Sacred Voice Awakening.

- Telegram group for Bonding with the other participants.

- Council of Light of the Desert Rose Bee Keepers.

If you are interested in joining this mentorship, please fill out the form below. You can visit the Mentorship Plaform by Clicking Here. Please remember to fill out the form if you would like to join the Mentorship.

Ahava and Blessings to all,

Ana Otero

The Desert is a place of deep encounter. The Desert is within you. Here we are stripped down to the essentials and we are forced to let go of all the securities we attach to in life, so they may be transformed. Through the fierceness of this experience, we find a doorway to a much more expansive experience of Alaha (Divine Mother - Father). What bliss to be in a place of deep intimacy with the Divine Presence!

Mary Magdalene and the Teachings of the Desert Rose

Ana Otero

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