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This course, endorsed by the International School of Holistic Arts and CID UNESCO, is one of the most booming professions in the field of therapies.


Dance is the language of the soul. When we allow the body to express itself, our life becomes a work of art, a choreography that wishes to be danced in the creation and co-creation of our lives.


Ana Otero

This Course is aimed at:

  • Those who want to search in the territory of dance and movement for the harmonization of body-mind-emotion.

  • All people who desire to facilitate transformation processes in themselves and in others.

  • Those who seek in the territory of dance and movement the components that can harmonize the forces towards the maximum aspiration and harmony of being.

  • Professionals and therapists who want to apply new resources in the helping relationship and in their work with others.

( Although it is not necessary to have previous experience in these fields, the predisposition to get involved in a process of personal growth is valued).

Our proposal is based on three pillars that base the psychotherapeutic and psychocorporeal work in movement:

  • Dance Movement Therapy  belongs to the group of Creative Arts in psychotherapy. It is based on the body-mind connection, it works with movement and emotion, the body and its own language. Its methodology allows the expression of the deepest aspects of the person, providing the opportunity to rebuild their way of being in the world.

  • Transpersonal Psychology   in dance integrates the spiritual  and transcendent aspects  of the human experience. In this space we will work with archetypes for the understanding and evolution of emotional processes through movement.

  • The Psychodynamic / Bioenergetic Approach  is based on the body's work to re-establish the energy flow.

Method Characteristics:

A respectful and warm group container framework, focused on individual growth, from creativity and personal needs. The development of organic, living and evolutionary sessions. The circular development of the sessions with a common thread as a support that facilitates the experience. The richness in the stimuli and guidelines that accompanies and / or proposes individual and group creativity. Free articulated expression in movement, dance, word, sound, silence, color, composition, image and artistic installation.


Knowledge and body care:

  • Body awareness. 

  • Listen to your own rhythm. 

  • Conscious breathing and rebirthing techniques.

  • Yoga techniques.

  • Massage.

  • Emotional Map of the Body.

  • Yogic and bioenergetic philosophy for the optimization of the energy state of the body.

Body Language, Dance Language, Movement Therapy:

  • Holistic Dance Language from the Ana Otero Method.

  • Improvisation. 

  • Expressiveness from the 5 Elements.

  • Knowledge of Ancestral Dances, Ethno - Contemporary and Modern Dance from the Isadora Duncan Technique.

  • Dance in nature. Circular, meditative and ritual dances. Awareness of human-natural life cyclical processes. The awareness and integration of the polarities that make up the ambivalences or dual energy of reality.

  • Authentic Movement as a creative and introspective technique.

  • Integral Dance applied in different areas. Childhood, adolescence, adults, seniors, functional diversity.

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Creative process:

  • Observation, listening and construction of one's own movement.

  • Evolution of the creative process in the preparation of sessions, and implementation. 

  • Forms of Expressiveness: music therapy, art therapy, writing, DMT, dance-improvisation, dance-voice, dance-theater.

Research laboratories

  • Introduction to the analysis of the movement of R. Laban.

  • Study on different Dance Therapists.

Facilitation in Dance Therapy:

  • Knowledge of group processes.

  • Creation of Space for Groups. 

  • Preparation of the Thematic in the sessions.

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FORMAT 2020:

Combine the ON-LINE mode with 1 face-to-face meetings.

The starting date is March 1 2020 with a face-to-face meeting in Madrid

The degree obtained is an OWN TITLE delivered by

International School of Holistic Arts, la CID UNESCO y Mary Magdalene Mystery School®.


If you cannot attend the face-to-face meeting for objective reasons, you will be able to complete the degree only online with prior approval.

Training structure:

Combine the ON-LINE mode with 1 face-to-face meeting.

The starting date is March 2020. The face-to-face meeting in Madrid

1 face-to-face meeting (date to be determined when the group starts):

1 face-to-face meeting in Madrid with Ana Otero and her Training Team. The Methodology has been created by Ana Otero. 

2 individual tutorials (ON-LINE): 

Each 30-minute individual tutorial with Ana Otero and her Training Team, on dates to be arranged with the student - the student, will constitute a personalized review of the development and experience of the therapeutic method in one's own body. The personalized practice that Ana Otero and her Training Team will structure for each student will be supervised and analyzed. 

Group Classes (ON-LINE): 

There is 1 online group class (two hours) each month plus a 3-hour online workshop each month. The group classes will be during the week and the workshop will be one Saturday a month from 15.00 - 18.00. Once enrolled in the Training, the schedule of the online classes will be delivered. Each week you will receive a Dossier plus exercises and movement and yoga techniques. Video recordings of the jobs explain in detail the work to be done.

All classes and Workshops will be recorded and there will be access to a platform of the School where you can watch the videos on a delayed basis and access the material. Attendance to the Online Workshops in Real Time is highly recommended.  


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Ana Otero has a PhD in Dance Movement Therapy and has been working for 20 years in the field of Dance Education as Applied Therapy and Artistic Expression. He was born and raised in the United States, to Spanish parents, and has lived and worked in Dubai, Cairo, Kuwait, the United States, and Spain. She is the Creator and Director of the International School of Holistic Arts. His Courses and Training are taught in Spain and internationally.

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