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Desert Rose
Essene Healing

Rooted in the profound wisdom of the Essenes, this unique healing modality interweaves the sacredness of Light Language, the melodic potency of Aramaic, and the time-honored practices of Essene rituals and teachings.


At the heart of this modality, Movement Prayer, Essene Mudras, and Essene Yoga practices are included, grounding the ethereal energies in the physical body. These practices create a dance between the divine and the human, integrating the celestial rhythms into our earthly existence, manifesting healing through movement and breath.

Working hand in hand with the Rucha D'koodsha, the Holy Spirit, we tap into a divine power source that instigates transformational shifts within. This compelling combination offers a profound pathway for body, mind, and spirit alignment, underpinning a journey towards wholeness.

Integrating the use of Biblical and Egyptian sacred essential oils, each oil is activated within the context of the Myrrhophore Tradition, amplifying its therapeutic potency and invoking an ancient healing lineage. The process is akin to rekindling a sacred flame, one that has been carried down through the ages, lighting the way to healing and balance.

Furthermore, this healing journey traverses the ethereal blueprint of the Tree of Life, embracing its spiritual architecture as a map guiding the restoration of harmony. This includes aligning with the cosmic rhythm of planets and stars, grounding the celestial energies with the earthly realm, and creating a potent field for healing.

At the heart of Desert Rose Essene Healing is a series of specific healing ceremonies designed for oneself, 1-1 healings and group healings, promoting communal healing and collective spiritual growth. By connecting and working with a collective consciousness, an amplified healing capacity is harnessed, fostering a shared journey of transformation and spiritual awakening.

Desert Rose Essene Healing, therefore, creates a profound, all-encompassing experience that revitalizes the mind, body, and spirit, guiding individuals toward wholeness and spiritual ascension. It is not merely a healing modality, but a sacred journey of the soul into the depths of ancient wisdom and divine truth. This is the path of the Desert Rose Essene Healing.


What is included in the Desert Rose Essene Healings

  • Healing modalities of the Essenes

  • Ritual and ceremonies for self - healing, 1-1 healings and group healings

  • This a self - paced course with both recorded material in the format of videos and live classes.

  • Working with the Essene Angelic wheel,

  • Essene Yoga Practices and Mudra

  • Light language, Aramaic and Hebrew chanting and prayer practices

  • Working with the Mystical properties of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit,

  • Essene toning

  • Activations of the Aramaic and Hebrew letters

  • Biblical Oils Activation Ceremonies

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