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Desert Rose Bee


Welcome to the Desert Rose Bee Mentorship

Our voices are Holy, they are the part of our bodies that are not from this realm. Our voices come from the heavenly Light Source and are meant to channel the Divine energies

The soul, our innermost essence, is a vast reservoir of energy and wisdom that transcends the limitations of our physical existence. Within this vastness lies the true sound of the soul, a vibrational frequency that connects us to Cosmic Intelligence and holds the key to unlocking our highest potential. By awakening and harnessing this sound, we can tap into its power for manifestation, creation, healing, and spiritual awakening.

The true sound of the soul is often referred to as the "divine frequency," a unique vibrational signature that resonates within and around us. This frequency serves as a bridge between our spiritual essence and the material world. When we connect with our soul's true sound, we are in harmony with the universal energy that governs the natural order of life. This alignment allows us to access the immense power that lies dormant within us, helping us manifest our desires, create positive changes, heal emotional and physical wounds, and awaken to our true spiritual nature.


In the Desert Rose Bee Sacred Voice Mentorship we use different methods to awaken our Signature Soul Sound Frequency


Celestial Movement Meditations

These our powerful Meditations and Practices within the Desert Rose Traditions that work with particular Gematria Sequences that help us attune to the subtle vibrations of Sound Current through Movement and we cultivate a deeper connection with our soul's unique frequency. We also work with the Bee energy and Venus as the Light of Creation. Ritual is part of our Alaha Shela practices.

Chanting and Mantras:

Chanting or repeating sacred sounds and mantras can serve as powerful tools for aligning our vibrations with the true sound of the soul. As we repeat these words or phrases, we create a rhythmic pattern that resonates with the soul's frequency, opening a channel for energy flow and heightened awareness. We work with Aramaic Light Language, Hathors - Pleiadian Light Language, Biblical Hebrew Mantras. We also work with particular Sound frequencies to awaken our ability to speak and chant in Light Language.

Sound Healing:

Sound healing through our voices and Desert Drum Rhythms are therapeutic vibrations to help clear energetic blockages and align our body, mind, and spirit with our soul's natural frequency. The Sound practices I include in this Mentorship help us shed the false layers of ourselves, allowing us to start feeling comfortable in our incarnational experience. We also incorporate the Frame Drum, the Sistrum and Shruti and other instruments to understand how to organically bring our voices into different frequencies.