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Sacred Art for a Consecrated Life

Oracle Cards and Altar Cards

Ahava and Blessings!

Welcome to Sacred Art for a Consecrated Life

The Desert Rose Oracle Deck will be available soon!

Gabriel (The Artis of the Oracle Deck) and I have created some Altar Cards with the Art Work of the Desert Rose Oracle Cards. Each ALtar Card comes with an explanation, instructions on how to create your Altar and a Video with a Transmission and Activation.

We are so happy to share this creation.

Click on the Following to Purchase Altar Card and Transmission.

Rosa Mystica

Mary Magdalene


Sarah Tamar

The Desert is a place of deep encounter. The Desert is within you. Here we are stripped down to the essentials and we are forced to let go of all the securities we attach to in life, so they may be transformed. Through the fierceness of this experience, we find a doorway to a much more expansive experience of Alaha (Divine Mother - Father).

What bliss to be in a place of deep intimacy with the Divine Presence!

Mary Magdalene and the Teachings of the Desert Rose



Ana Otero

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