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DMT Ritual Movement®

Ritual Movement® and Drumming Workshop Session, Creation by Means of Breath

DMT Ritual Movement provides an immersive journey of cosmic integration, inviting participants into a wondrous realm wherein the Tree of Life interweaves with the vibrant Cosmic Intelligence. This journey is propelled by the potent practices of intentional dance - movement and Alaha Shela Sacred Embodiment, stirring an awakening within us that illuminates our understanding of the universe and our place within it.

Our exploration ventures through the ethereal Seven Chambers of Light, representing the chakra system intricately mapped within our physical forms. This journey expands our consciousness and nurtures a profound connection with cosmic intelligence, an eternal bond that inspires us to engage in the co-creation of our existential narrative with renewed vigor.

Through this transcendental journey, we cultivate a sacred dance that breathes within our hearts, gestures, and bodies. As we integrate knowledge and understanding derived from this cosmic ballet, the universe unfurls itself as a 'living organism' within our very being.

Our meticulously curated DMT Ritual Movement Sessions include:

  • Alaha Shela Sacred Embodiment

  • Dance Movement Therapy

  • Sacred Sound Awakening

  • Aramaic Chanting - Light Language

  • Celestial Movement Meditations

  • Ancestral Mysticism

  • Cosmic Alignment

  • Frame Drumming Instruction

The Session includes a PDF and an additional Integration Practice video

In 2023 we are embodying the teachings of Gnostic - Kabalistic Astrology in our sessions, so as to move with the frequencies of the Aramaic Letters that are believed to have created this world.

From July until December DMT Ritual Movement will take the form of a 6 Month Workshop session, one live workshop a month. When you join, you have access to each month´s workshops and even the months that you were not able to be present.

This 6 Month session is a way to deepen your commitment to the Path of Movement as Prayer and Awakening.

Also for those who are interested in participating in a DMT® Ritual Movement Training in the future, this is a way of acquiring the hours of DMT Ritual Movement Sessions out of the training that are required.


Dancing brings us into completeness, healing the past, co-creating the future.


As we release our true colours through our movement we access a universal language that transcends words and therefore language barriers. We are taken from the invisible into the visible realm. Dance embodies the Kingdom. Dance enables us to connect with ourselves, with others, and makes our hearts beat together as one.

No Dance Experience is required as this session can be for professional dancers or for those of you who want to start moving your bodies with awareness.

If you would like to bring more creativity into your life, balance, and release blockages and patterns that you are holding in your body, I think that you will enjoy DMT Ritual Movement®. If you want to cultivate a prayer practice that includes the body, these sessions will guide you into experiencing an ecstatic Body - Soul Sacred Union. DMT Ritual Movement is for Women and Men.

Dates for our DMT Ritual Move:


July 9th:

Cosmic Alignment with the Hathors

- Pleiadese

August 13th:

Cosmic Alignment with Vesta, the

Eternal Flame

September 10th:

Cosmic Alignment with Ceres, the

Great Mother

October 22nd:

Cosmic Alignment with

Pallas Athene.

November 12th:

Cosmic Alignment

with Pluto

December 19th:

Cosmic Alignment

with Jupiter.

All workshop sessions are recorded if you cannot make it in real-time.

What Is Included?


1 Monthly DMT Ritual Movement Live Workshop Session

1 MonthlyEbook

1 Monthly Integration


1 Monthly Drumming


My heart beats profoundly with joy and excitement as we journey into the depths of the Cosmic Intelligence that we are part of.

Ahava and Blessings to all,

Ana Otero


DMT Ritual Movement 6 Month Workshop Sessions:


Past sessions that you may purchase and experience:


DMT Ritual Movement: Integrating Saturn.

The Upper and the Lower Waters of Creation.

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