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Community Gathering

Magdalene Easter Mass

This Gathering is open, free of charge. The only exchange we ask for is respect towards the participants and the teachings.

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Monthly Online Magdalene Shabbat

April 28th

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Reception of the Shekhinah - Magdalene Covenant

The Month of Iyyar

Gnostic - Biblical Astrology

Teachings for the new Lunar Cycle

Activation - Practice - Myrraphore Blend - Light Language - Drumming - Talk

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DMT Ritual Movement

Dance Movement Therapy, Egyptian Energy Medicidne, Alaha Shela Practices and Frame Drumming

The Way of the Soul: Expansion with Jupiter

May 7th

In the Month of April there will not be a DMT Ritual Movement Session as I will be facilitating a Retreat in Glastonbury.

Information available on March 29th.


Hamsa 5-5 Manifestation Workshop

This is the 9th year I facilitate this workshop! This is actually the Workshop that fills up the most and I am so happy to be offering it again. Fills up fast and there is a 15% discount until April 5th.

May 5th

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The Magdalene Avalon Retreat in Glastonbury in April is fully booked and soon I will be travelling to the Land of the Heart. As always, I will share pictures and chanting in the sacred sites as connecting with all of you in this Community is so important to me.


In September there will be a Magdalene Retreat in Granada! The dates are 21st - 24th of September. This is a residential retreat in one of my favourite cities, on powerful land surrounded by Olive Tress that are over 1000 years old. This residential retreat is for a small group of 12. The PDF with all of the info is now available. CLICK HERE.



I will see many of you this week in the Hathor - Pleiadian Light Language Group Healing Ceremony





The Mary Magdalene Priestess and Priest Training has initiated on March 3rd! The Temple Doors will close very soon for this training until next year. If you would like to read more about the training, CLICK HERE.


Many of you have asked me to continue with the Raqisiyat Teachings and there is something very special being created. My new Musical Creation is dedicated to the Raqisiyat.

Self Paced Training Programs
The Desert Rose Womb Awakening Accredited Practitioner Certification.
This is an Online Training Program which incorporates the Magdalene and Essene Womb Awakening and Healing Technique and the Magda
lene Womb Rites for the 6 Wombs.
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Aramaic Alchemy Accredited Certification
Embodiment of the Aramaic Light Language
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There are many Online Workshops and Courses that you can experience in your own pace and in the comfort of your home.
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The Newly Introduced Altar Cards and Transmissions

Rosa Mystica Altar Card and Transmission
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Avalon Magdalene Retreat in April
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