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The drum, and the frame drum in particular, is one of the most  spiritual technologies found the world over. 

The Frame Drum was played predominately by women, in ancient times and this Drum shares a connection to the Moon. Thousands of images depicting a women holding or playing a frame drum have been found in the form of statuary, relief, vase painting, hieroglyph, paintings and votive offerings. 

In pre-classical Greece the women initiates called the maenads played the frame drum along with the priestesses of Demeter, Artemis, Aphrodite, the muses, and  the frame drum was used in the rituals of Ariadne, Rhea and Dionysos.  The Bee Priestesses or Melissae of the ancient Mediterranean world used the Frame Drum to access states of divination and oracular insight in dedication to the Bee Goddesses. The Frame Drum is also Astarte, Hathor, Cybele, Isis, Sekhmet, Inanna, Ishtar and others.

The frame drum was the primary tool of transformation and ritual that women and Priestesses of the ancient world used to access shamanic states of consciousness, facilitate community rituals and to help lead community members across spiritual gateways in their indigenous birthing and dying rites.


I feel very connected to Myriam, sister of Moses, who also used the Frame Drum and Sacred Dance as a Spiritual Technology.


The mythic practice of the frame drum was eventually forbidden, then hidden, never forgotten and now as women we have come to claim our spiritual connection to the moon with the beat of our drums.


In many of my visions and apparitions of Mary Magdalene I see and here her playing the Drum in the desert along with Yeshua and their Spiritual Community.


Every month I facilitate an online Frame Drum Workshop. You can sign up to my newsletter to receive the information. There are also recorded live sessions that you can access at any time by clicking on the following link.


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