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Gnostic -
Biblical Astrology

Welcome to the Enriching World of
Gnostic Biblical Astrology

At the Desert Rose Mystery School. 


Here, we delve deep into an enlightening journey through celestial wisdom, sacred scripture, and the intrinsic rhythms of the universe, all intricately woven together in the study of Gnostic Biblical Astrology.

Our approach to Gnostic Biblical Astrology follows the Aramaic-Hebrew Lunar Calendar, which aligns us with the natural ebbs and flows of lunar cycles. This harmonious dance with the moon's energy invites us into a deeper relationship with time and the celestial currents that subtly shape our lives.

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Furthermore, we introduce the knowledge of the zodiacal frequencies and planets, which are believed to be manifestations of the Aramaic Letters' profound wisdom. Each zodiac sign and planet vibrates with a unique energy, revealing nuanced layers of insight into our beings and the cosmos around us. These celestial entities, in their mystical interplay, serve as profound spiritual symbols, guiding us on our path toward greater wisdom and self-discovery.

The wisdom of Gnostic Biblical Astrology doesn't just float in the celestial realms; it finds grounding in the profound teachings of astrology hidden within sacred scripture. Our exploration uncovers the rich tapestry of esoteric knowledge embedded in these divine texts, bridging the gap between the heavenly and the earthly, the eternal and the transient.

The study of Gnostic Biblical Astrology forms an integral part of The Mary Magdalene Priest-ess Training here at the Desert Rose Mystery School. This training serves as a transformative journey that integrates diverse streams of ancient wisdom and spiritual practices, with Gnostic Biblical Astrology playing a key role in that comprehensive spiritual education.


Whether you are a novice seeker or an experienced spiritual practitioner, our teachings in Gnostic Biblical Astrology offer a fresh perspective and profound insights. They invite you to navigate the grand tapestry of the cosmos, and in doing so, discover the intricate, beautiful patterns woven into your own soul. We warmly welcome you to embark on this transformative journey with us at the Desert Rose Mystery School.


Ahava, Ana Otero

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