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John the Baptist
The Lunar Masculine

John the Baptist

This Beautiful image of the John the Baptist is part of my Desert Rose Oracle cards. Artist :  Gabriel Icka.


John the Baptist Novena


John the Baptist  Novena

John the Baptist is a powerful force and teacher and his role is fundamental in our purification so we can birth the New Humanity. He is a great awakener and can help us understand the Role of the Lunar Masculine in our lives, in both Women and Men.


As we enter the lower waters of Creation, the Mayim, we meet Yohanan the Baptizer, who symbolizes the YOD, the guardian of the great Virgin Queen, the Shamanic Priest that cleanses our serpent dormant and/or active in our lower waters. It is through HIM that we are able to push the serpent up the spine and in our hearts he is met by Mary Magdalene who merges John the Baptist and Yeshua, the Lower and Upper waters of creation, into one Cosmic Flow of Light Creation. Yohanan carries the serpent, Yeshua carries the dove, and when these two are brought together through Mary Magdalene, THE DRAGON AWAKENS.

Novena John the Baptist

9 days of:

Purification of the Serpent Energy

Healing of our Sexual Energy

Devotion to Yohanan the Baptizer

John - Mary Magdalene - Yeshua Trinity

The Baptismal Waters of Yohanan

Understanding the Shamanic Lunar Masculine

Dragon Awakening

Stories of John the Baptist


This Novena also includes:

Magdalene Meditations

Aramaic Light Language

Magdalene Womb Yoga

Alaha Shela Body Practices

Ritual Movement

A video tutorial on Baptismal Water Creation

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Ana Otero

In His and Her Holy Name.


Ana Otero

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