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Kundalini Dance Ana Otero® is the union of the Philosophy of Yoga and Dance Movement Therapy. It incorporates intuitive and conscious movement, sound technology (mantras and toning), conscious breathing, tantric healing and yogic science . It balances the physical, mental, emotional body and spirit on a conscious, subconscious and supra-conscious level. The objective is to create harmony between being and doing, masculine and feminine, and that the soul expresses itself through the Body - Temple from a space of beauty, truth and healing. It is a practice for men and women.

Dance is the oldest form of prayer, or direct connection to whatever we believe in. We can make Dance our Therapy, our intimacy, our communication, our healing. Dance is intimate when we move alone. We renew our relationship with the body as energy, presence, awareness, oneness. Dance is communion when we move with one another. Inspired by inner impulses, sensations and images, we begin to relate and communicate outwardly and inwardly, integrating our masculine and feminine energies. Dance is community when we move with everyone. We begin to widen our cirlces. We give, we receive. We transmit and integrate information and inspiration. Dance is infinite when we move our practise to everyday life. What happens in our dance is a template for our everyday dancing in the living world.

Kundalini Dance is the Union of Spirituality with Dance. It is yoga, a philosophy of life, a great healing, the expression of our authenticity and the prosperous and happy manifestation of our soul through our body. Through Kundalini Dance we divinize matter and materialize the spirit.

Dance is one of the purest expressions of our being. The soul is reflected when we are in intimate contact with ourselves through movement. When the body is caressed through the Dance we feel and celebrate the pleasure of the present moment.


In this space of presence physical tensions are released and disappear, the mind relaxes and expands to transcendence. Sleeping parts of our physique and emotions are awakened, empowered by consciousness, and the energy of Shakti (creative energy) flows through our body. This intensifies our relationship with ourselves and with others. A new sensitivity and delicacy is born within us and we open ourselves to be the instrument by which our DIVINE BEING manifests itself.

Since the beginning of human history, dance has been a natural human expression. Ancestral tribes and native peoples saw nature and its elements as an expression of God. The most varied rhythms and movements came together to dance with the intention of entering deep states of consciousness where the presence of God or the Great Spirit manifested itself.

Dance is a spiritual and cultural phenomenon that was born based on the culture of each town and country. A ritual that for thousands of years has helped maintain the relationship of man / woman with the earth, allowing us to enter similar states of vibration and union. Dance was also understood as a form of prayer. Our ancestors lived a truth: through the movement of our body, dance opens doors to states of consciousness where we find our spirit, a state of union with ourselves and healing, a moment where the limits of reality vanish and physical boundaries expand to new journeys and dimensions. Movement, sound and rhythm create a space where dance is manifested in each person in a unique way, and at the same time a space of union is generated between those who participate in it. Kundalini Dance Ana Otero® is a meditative journey in motion where we experience the expansion of the limits created by our normal perception of time and space.


Men and women who are on a path of self-knowledge, search, development and personal transformation. For those people who want to awaken their creativity and connect with their bodies and through their movement and create new realities.Kundalini Dance is a technology open to anyone who feels the intense call to reconnect with their true Essence.

Our intention through dance:
the awakening of consciousness

Reconnecting with our emotions produces an alchemy and we transmute any type of conflict. Kundalini Dance Ana Otero @ works from the light, with which we learn to embrace all the experiences lived and to live with an open perspective, integrating the recognition of the mastery of each chapter of our life. Kundalini Dance Ana Otero @ reconnects us with our Feminine energy, with Mother Earth, so long forgotten. Shakti energy opens our hearts and we begin to live in true Christ consciousness, recognizing in ourselves the Male and Female Christ.

"Kundalini is the energy of the Cosmos in and beyond the individual. It is the energy of consciousness. By increasing its flow, your mind awakens and becomes stronger. You stop living in imaginary realities and deal with the tasks and joys of life."
Yogi Bhajan.
Beneficios de Kundalini Dance Ana Otero®

Kundalini Dance Ana Otero® ofrece muchos beneficios para el cuerpo, la mente y el espíritu.

  • El bienestar físico y emocional en general. A nivel físico trabajamos con movimiento y energía, sanando nuestro cuerpo físicamente y reprogramando nuestras células. 

  • Aprender a usar y a mover nuestro cuerpo con más gracia y flexibilidad. Al movernos de diferentes maneras con nuestro cuerpo, nuestra vida en el externo empieza a manifestar cambios. 

  • Danzar desde el alma, reconectando el alma con el cuerpo. 

  • Sanar la separación entre lo Masculino y Femenino. 

  • El Despertar de la energía Kundalini, energía de sanación y 
- - 
- - 

  • Es un método psicoterapeútico que facilita la expresión de emociones y sentimientos mediante el movimiento y la danza. Esto nos ayuda a sentir, expresar y entender las emociones que se esconden en el subconsciente. 

  • El despertar de la Acción y Servicio Sagrados. 

  • Activación del Poder Personal y Transpersonal. 

  • El Despertar de Fuentes Espirituales en nuestro Cuerpo y 

  • El Despertar de la Creatividad y Poderes de Manifestación. 

  • Identificación y Liberación de Patrones Kármicos. 

  • Materializar el Espíritu y Espiritualizar la Materia. 

  • Alinear nuestros deseos con nuestra verdad. 

  • La sincronicidad. 

  • Activismo Sagrado.
  • Superar los miedos y las limitaciones. 

  • Sonreír y sonreírle a la vida. 

  • Despeja la memoria celular logrando cambios

  • sorprendentes.

  • Estimula la inteligencia a través del enriquecimiento

  • sensorial y la apertura de nuevas vías de resolución creativa

  • ante los problemas, logrando mayor lucidez mental.

  • Ayuda a recuperar la magia que vive dentro de uno y

  • para proyectar luego esa energía en tu vida cotidiana

  • fluyendo con mucho más amor y alegría.

  • Al igual que el ejercicio, ayuda a liberar endorfinas,

  • aumentando de esta manera un sentido profundo de

  • bienestar. Es un tipo de actividad física que incluye al

  • cuerpo en su totalidad. Esta manera de ejercitar al cuerpo

  • ayuda a equilibrar los ritmos biológicos del cuerpo, tales

  • como la respiración, la circulación sanguínea y el sistema

  • linfático.

  • Experimentar la libre expresión de quiénes somos. 

  • La comprensión del sistema de los chakras como un sistema 
interconectado uniendo cuerpo, mente, espíritu y 

  • Integrar a Shakti en nuestra vida y aprender a crear y a co- 
crear nuestra vida 

  • Aprendemos a amar, a cuidar y a respetar nuestros cuerpos, 
convirtiéndonos en nuestra propia Madre Universal. 

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Beneficios de Kundalini Dance Ana Otero®
Kundalini Dance Ana Otero® offers many benefits for the body, mind and spirit.
  • General physical and emotional well-being. On a physical level we work with movement and energy, physically healing our body and reprogramming our cells.

  • Learn to use and move our bodies with more grace and flexibility. As we move in different ways with our body, our life on the outside begins to manifest changes.

  • Dance from the soul, reconnecting the soul with the body.

  • Heal the separation between the Male and Female.

  • The Awakening of the Kundalini energy, energy of healing and manifestation.

  • It is a psychotherapeutic method that facilitates the expression of emotions and feelings through movement and dance. This helps us to feel, express and understand the emotions that are hidden in the subconscious.

  • The awakening of Sacred Action and Service

  • Activation of Personal and Transpersonal Power

  • The Awakening of Spiritual Sources in our Body and Mind.

  • The Awakening of Creativity and Powers of Manifestation.

  • Identification and Release of Karmic Patterns

  • Materialize the Spirit and Divinize Matter.

  • Align our desires with our truth.

  • Synchronicity.

  • Sacred activism.
    Overcome fears and limitations.
    We open up to life.

  • Clear cellular memory by making changes

  • surprising.

  • Stimulate intelligence through enrichment

  • The opening of new ways of creative resolution

  • In the face of problems, achieving greater mental clarity.

  • It helps to recover the magic that lives within you and to then project that energy into your daily life flowing with much more love and joy.

  • Like exercise, it helps release endorphins thereby increasing a deep sense of wellness.

  • It is a type of physical activity that includes body in its entirety. This way of exercising the body helps balance the body's biological rhythms, such as breathing, blood circulation and the system lymphatic.

  • Experience the free expression of who we are.

  • The understanding of the chakra system as an interconnected system uniting body, mind, spirit and emotions.

  • Integrate Shakti into our life and learn to create and co-create our life.

  • We learn to love, care for and respect our bodies, becoming our own Universal Mother.

Trainings Workshops and Livestreams

Currently Ana Otero is teaching Online Workshops and Livestreams.  The next Teacher Training will be online and will start in January 2021.


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