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As it has been prophesied, the Feminine Christ already walks among us. And her presence unfolds the mystical petals of the sacred rose.

Conversations with Mary Magdalene by Ana Otero

Magdalene Holy Womb

Method created by Ana Otero following the teachings of Mary Magdalene

Noohra Daraga in Aramaic means Portal of Divine Feminine Light. Magdalene Holy Womb is based on the meaning of these two words that explain the powerful awakening to our tru purity as women and men.

Since 2012 when Mary Magdalene as Vibration and Holy Woman started to activate her presence on the planet, many women started the process of awakening.  We went through some very deep healing when it came to the shadow feminine and all of the pain harbored in our womb space.  As we continue to heal our wombs and honour our cycles, it is now time to begin the deep work of the Feminine which is to AWAKEN THE COSMIC WOMB - THE DARK LIGHT and to return to the embrace of the Black Madonna.  In the Gospel of Philip Yeshua says that to truly die means that we must return to the Womb of the Divine Mother and be reborn. This is the True Awakening of the Womb.


Magdalene Holy Womb follows the Path of the 6 Wombs that I channeled in 2012 and in 2016 I wrote my first book about this, the awakening of our 6 wombs.

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Ana Otero

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