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Magdalene Novena: The Gates of Inanna and the 7 Graces
Ahava and Blessings


We are coming close to the Equinox Season and every year since 2014 I have honored this moment through the practice of Novena to travel into the Gates of Inanna and be in Devotion and Prayer. In the Northern Hemisphere we prepare ourselves for our descent back into the womb, connecting with our lunar wisdom, and in the southern hemisphere we blossom into life, connecting with our solar wisdom.  These portals are also connected to the wisdom codes of menarche and menopause.


This year this beautiful Novena will be in English as well for the first time.


During the First 7 days we will travel through the Gates of Inanna and come face to face with the Demons that Mary Magdalene Faced.  On the 8th day we will visit the void, the Black Womb, and on the 9th day we will experience resurrection in the Cosmic Waters of the Divine Mother and receive the 7 GRACES.


How does the Novena Work?


9 is a number that symbolizes beginnings and endings. It is also a number that aligns us with compassion, the subtle body and psychic awakening.  Novenas are still practiced in the Catholic Faith and these are gatherings of 9 days of prayer.

You will need:

A Red Candle and White Candle to burn every day during the live activations.

A Pink Candle for the 8th day. 

A Blue candle for the 9th day.

5 rose quartz crystals as we will be working with a grid.

A rosary or mala

Red Roses for your altar

Inanna Essential Oil.  Inanna´s blend is a mix of the following:

4 oz bottle of Pomegranate Carrier Oil mix:

Myrrh Essential Oil 20 drops

Black Pepper Essential Oil 15 drops

Saffron Essential Oil 15 drops

This mix is a a blend for ceremonial anointing and also anointing the body after a shower or at night before we go to bed. If you cannot get these oils please get in touch with me.


There will be a private facebook group where I will be doing the Live Daily Activations every day for 9 days. I have decided to use a Private Facebook Page to create community as Novenas are all about community.  I would love for all of the beautiful women who join to bond and feel sustained.

We start on the Equinox, the 22 of September.  The timetable will be posted in the Facebook Group.


If you cannot be there in real time you will have all the videos on the Facebook Page. I have maintained the price very accesible and symbolic to make it easier for all of you to join.

Daily Activities during the Magdalene Novena:

Facebook Activation and Prayer Daily (between 30 minutes - 45 minutes)

Daily Sacred - Ceremonial Dance

Daily Ritual

Poetry and Sacred Writing

Chanting and Drumming

I will also read a Channeling every day of the Novena from Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Mother Anna, Sarah Tamar



Ana Otero

Price: 55 euros for the 9 days of the Magdalene Novena

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