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Dear Divine Masculine,

As you read these words I hope that my message of what you mean to me comes across with grace and unconditional love. I have always believed and know that Mary Magdalene as Feminine Christ is teacher to both Women and Men. I want you to know that this training is for those of you who feel the calling to follow her teachings and to be part of the Christ Mystery School.

The Magdalene Priesthood reclaims and restores the original priesthood modeled and delivered by Yeshua, and which is now being fulfilled through his most devoted disciple and Beloved, Mary Magdalene.  The Mary Magdalene Priesthood is grounded in the egalitarian model practiced by Yeshua:   every individual is honored as uniquely holy and sacred . Women and men called to this priesthood serve as supportive guides and teachers, empowering others  to engage in a directly intimate and personal relationship with the Divine Mother - Father and the Creative Potential inherent in us all.  The Divine reveals himself - herself to each of us in different ways, and this  unique revelation is honored as holy.


Currently I am completing the First Year of the Mary Magdalene Mystery School, Priest Training Program. This spiral of learning and experience was both powerful and meaningful for me. Founder and Teacher Ana Otero delivered all that she promised to deliver to the participants in the program. By her teaching and example Ana utilized Sacred Movement and Dance, Frame Drumming, Meditation, Chanting, Aramaic Prayers, along with deep teachings from Mary Magdalene and Gnostic Christianity to awaken the Presence of the Divine Feminine in us. The Shekinah, the Holy Spirit, was present in every session. Sessions are recorded to allow for review or to accommodate participants’ schedules and needs. I look forward to the Spiral of Year 2, and I say thank you, to Shekinah, to Mary Magdalene, and to Ana Otero for this wonderful program.

Jerry Kolljeski


To read the Curriculum and to register for this training CLICK HERE.


The training starts on March 2, 2022 the New Moon in Pisces. 

May we be infinitely guided by the Magdalene Flame.


Ana Otero

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