Mary Magdalene is the Holy Source from where the Christ drinks, She is the Force of Light that births enlightenment. She is the Holy Woman who anoints, the one who illuminates, the one who redeems. She is the Feminine Christ of our paradisaical origin. Her Chrism (anointing oil), which is her elixir of love, is the light that awakens Humanity´s fallen Consciousness. She is the womb of the Christos, the Womb of the Divine, and when we reclaim her she leads us to the Primordial Wisdom of all times.

Welcome to Mary Magdalene Priestess Training. Mary Magdalene Mystery School was created in 2014 and since then priestesses from all over the World have been initiated.  We opened our English Campus in January 2020.

After a dark night of the soul in 2011 I received the presence of Mary Magdalene.  Since then I have been guided by Her through channelings and apparitions. The creation of this Mystery School is what she asked me to birth.

This is a one year online training and there is the option of a live Mary Magdalene Priestess Retreat I facilitate yearly.

The course syllabus is below and if you have any questions please contact me.

May the Magdalene Flame guide you every day in every way.


Ana Otero

Founder of Mary Magdalene Mystery School

Mary Magdalene has lived at the roots of the Divine Feminine Principle and made her way to the core of our planet. She is activating the Tree of Life Template in our bodies so that when we awaken, we remember every part of where we come from. Mary Magdalene is leading the change we are experiencing in this world. She completes the "bottom" part of "as above, so below". She embraces all the shadows that we cast and deny. She teaches us ACCEPTANCE in who we are and what we have chosen. She teaches us that the shadows we have denied contain our magic.


She was a wife, partner, and co-teacher with Yeshua. She taught Women Empowerment through the Activation of the Womb, The Awakening of the 6 Wombs in Women and trained Women in Female Priestesshood. She was also a teacher of Men, teaching them the Mysteries of the Sacred Feminine. As a co-teacher with Yeshua, they both taught the Way of Sacred Humanity and Ascension. She taught us that we are the Body – Temple and that we must learn how to receive THE HOLY. We are time and space, essence, matter, spirit and the art of creation. She is here to bring us back to ONENESS. In and through HER presence, we are taken into the Bridal Chamber to become Christed.  


Mary Magdalene is a doorway to the rebirthing of the soul of  humanity and the memory of our sacred roots in the Mother of Creation. Through holy communion with Mary Magdalene, we enter this portal within ourselves where we activate, initiate and awaken our own Magdalene essence. She prepares us and opens us to receive the Holy Spirit. This creative Spirit lives at the base of our universe, as the eternal matrix of the birth of the Mother-Father, and encompasses both man and woman, each intermediate spectrum and all expressions of life. Magdala is the initiator and Christ is the Anointed, initiated through the holy waters of Mary Magdalene.

Conversations with Mary Magdalene by Ana Otero

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Sacred Feminine - Divine Feminine

  • Mary Magdalene Mystery School®. The School of Mysteries of Mary Magdalene. Past, Present, Future.

  • Technology of Mary Magdalene´s Sacred Teachings.

  • Mary Magdalene and her Vibration through her Incarnations.

  • Venus Lineage – Black Madonna Lineage.

  • Spiritual Teachings of Women given to us by Mary Magdalene through my channelings and her Ministry.

  • The Path of the 6 Wombs. Female Spirituality through the Teachings of Mary Magdalene. Awakening of our 6 wombs.

  • Virgin Womb. Immaculate Conception. Aquarian sovereignty.

  • Womb Awakening - Activation of the Womb, Rites of Passage, Womb Therapy.

  • Activation of the Triple Golden Flame.

  • Rose Codes Activations.

  • Rites of Passage of Women through the teachings of Mary Magdalene.​

  • Initiation to the Gates of the Grail of the Womb.​

  • Vibration of Feminine Infinity and the Ma Frequency.​

  • Magdalene Red Temple Facilitator Training.​

  • Feminine Archetypes.​

  • Solar Woman - Lunar Woman - Stellar Woman.​

  • Cosmic Yoni Embodiment. Ancient Femme Consciousness​

  • Activation of the New Israel through the embodiment of the Shekinah - Holy Spirit​

  • Shabbat teachings through Mary Magdalene


  • Priestessing in the Golden Age.​

  • Aquarian Priestess.

  • The Pillars of Priestessing given to us by Mary Magdalene.​

  • Temple of Feminine Arts.​​

  • Study of Crystals and Stones.​

  • Creating Ceremony and Ritual.​

  • Thresh Holding​

  • Sacred Geometry, Grid Activations, Ley Line Activations, Channeling​

  • Learning how to Create Ceremony and Ritual.


  • Myrraphore Tradition. Profound study of Sacred Essential Oils. Activating the spirit of the Essential Oils for healing.

  • Study of herbs.​

  • Elixir Creation - Sacred Perfumery. Learning how to make Perfumes using the teachings of the Myrraphore Tradition.​

  • Teachings of Alchemy through Egyptian Mysticism.​

  • The Study of Aramaic and the alchemical transformations of the Aramaic Alphabet.

The Practice

  • Invocations. The Divine Feminine Presence through the Word.​

  • Sacred Writing​

  • Channeling through Writing, Sacred Sound, Drumming, Dance and All forms of Art.​

  • Art and Creativity as a Spiritual Practice.​

  • Ancestral Female Practices.​

  • Body Prayers​

  • Rituals and Ceremonies.​

  • Movement Meditations Channeled directly from Mary Magdalene.​

  • Practices of Ahava Sacred Dance, Kundalini Dance, Womb Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Devotional Yoga, Dance Movement Therapy.

Healing and Activations

  • Initiation through healing. (Conception, Gestation and Childbirth Healing, Ancestral Lineage, Feminine, Masculine, Mother, Father, Collective Karma, Sexual Karma).​

  • Womb healing. (The 7 energy phases to heal the womb based on hands on healing, sacred sounds, activation codes and energy.)​

  • Female Energy Body.(The manifestation of the chakras in the female body and the energy and hormonal health of women.)​

  • The Chakras as Gates of Initiations.

Intuitive Awakening and Intelligence. Active Mysticism

  • The Spiral of the Mystical Rose. Science and Art in the Mystical Wheel of Mary Magdalene. Knowledge of the Holy Days and Energies of the Wheel of the Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether to synchronize our energies, life, healing and practices with Mary Magdalene and the Light Beings and Angels that are part of her Lineage. The Female Priestesshood of Mary Magdalene, like all priestesshoods, is a lineage, and respecting her lineage we will be connecting with different light beings from the Spiral of the Rosa Mística.We also work with specific archetypes and their manifestations.All the High Holy Days of the Earth: Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lammas, Mabon, are celebrated in their mystical aspects honouring the Teachings of Mary Magdalene. Some of the Light Beings we work with are Mother Mary, Yeshua, Sarah Tamar, Mother Anna, Myriam (sister of Moses), and many more.​

  • Magdalene Moon Gatherings. In this program we follow the Cycles of the Moon, the 8 phases, through Ceremonies and activations. We meet on the New Moon and Full Moon and the High Holy Days to receive the Teachings of the Rosa Mystica. ​

  • Gates of Initiation.

  • The study of Astrology.

  • The Tree of Life and the Lunar Wheel.

  • The Sacred Elements as Doors of Initiation. How to manifest through the Elements.

  • How to manifest through the Cosmic Energies of the Planets, Stars and Asteroides.

  • Mythology and Sacred Scriptures. Working with Goddess Energy from Different Maps.

  • Gates of Venus. Initiation through the Cosmic Dance of the Venus Rose. In depth study of the Venus Gates.

  • Geomancy.


Women who are called to be a Priestess of Mary Magdalene and following the Teachings of MM´s Lineage.

Women who want to heal and reconnect with their Sacred Feminine and Embody the Divine Feminine.

Women who want to empower themselves through their feminine without having to act through their shadow masculine.

Therapists and Facilitators who work with women.

Women who want to awaken their Creative Power and live their Destiny (as opposed to fate).

Women who hear the calling to be part of the Shift in Humanity and on Earth.

Women who want to reconnect with Art and Creativity as a Spiritual Practice.

Women who want to step into their leadership.

Women who want to empower the Women around them.

Women who want to learn Feminine Temple Arts.

Women who want to balance their masculine and feminine.

Women who feel a sacred calling to follow the Gnostic Path of Christ.

Women who are starting to remember these teachings and recognize the Inner Magdalene.

Through your own individual transformation , you will activate your radiance as a femme incarnation. the world needs your radiance, grace and divine feminine heart.

to be a woman in this age of aquarius - golden age is to be an embodiment of the magdalene.

How does the training work?

We meet every week online in the following structure.This would be an example of how the lessons are distributed each month

Week 1: Teachings of Mary Magdalene, The Spiral of the Rosa Mystica and the Christ Lineage. 

Week 2: Class in Alchemy. Myrraphores, Elixir Training, Alchemy from traditions. Womb Technologies. There is always a Journey and/or ritual in this lesson.

Week 3: Esoterica. Astrology, Gnosticism, Mysticism, Ritual, Ceremony.

Week 4: A lesson in Ahava Sacred Dance  and another Lesson in Frame Drumming

The Magdalene Womb Yoga Teacher Training is included in the Mary Magdalene Priestess Training. You can read the curriculum by clicking HERE.

Every Month we Celebrate a New Moon and Full Moon in Live Ceremony following the teachings of Mary Magdalene.

All the classes are recorded and uploaded to the training platform for those who cannot be present in real time.

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As a group we meet weekly for our classes.  We also gather for the New Moon and Full Moon, High Holy Days and Sacred Dance Workshops.  All of the classes are recorded and are uploaded in the Student Platform. Rhythmic Synchronization is very important as we as Women are cyclical beings. Consciously or unconsciously, we are affected by the rhythms of the Universe: earth, moon, planets, starts, our wombs. We use ancient wisdom technologies to activate this cyclical energy as we learn to align with our intuitive rhythms.