Mary Magdalene Priestess Training Level 2

Mary Magdalene Priestess Training Level 2 are for the beautiful sisters who have been ordained as a Mary Magdalene Priestess and want to continue going in depth into the Teachings of Mary Magdalene. This is a Powerful continuation and an anchoring of these powerful teachings.  To receive the syllabus with the Course Outline please contact me.


Ana Otero

And the Mother Speaks

I give you birth,

I give you death.

Everything is one.

You travel within the spiral, on the eternal path

which is existence.

A constant becoming. Always growing, Always changing.

Nothing dies that will not be reborn. Nothing is born that will not die. When you come to me

I welcome you home;

Then I introduce you into my womb, ,

Here you are removed and sieved,

Mixed, melted and crushed.

Here you are rebuilt and recycled.

Death and rebirth are only points

of transition along the eternal path of life.

Ana Otero

Conversations With Mary Magdalene
Mystery Teachings of Mary Magdalene and the Christ Mystery School
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