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Training Priest Mary Magdalene in Italy


with Ana Otero of Mary Magdalene Mystery School

(First time in Italy)

This is a semipresential training and the first spiral lasts a year, with weekly online meetings plus five face-to-face meetings at “Il Borgo Zen” (Olda district, Val Taleggio - BG).


Teachings will be given in Spanish with translation into Italian. All online lessons are recorded in order to be able to watch them later.


As part of the Formation you have access to the Moon Rose (in Spanish language), which is the platform where we celebrate the Circles of the Full and New Moon and the holidays of the Earth. Upon registration you have access to the platform.


The online meetings will take place from September 2020 to August 2021, while the face-to-face meetings will take place on the following dates:

January 08 to 10, 2021

March 12 to 14, 2021

May 21 to 23, 2021

June 11 to 13, 2021

August 06 to 08, 2021

In August 2021, a last meeting to celebrate the initiation of Mary Magdalene as Priestess.


Price: 195 euros per month, but if you pay for everything immediately there is a 10% discount on the total.


For information and registration:

Francesca (in Italian):

Ana (in Spanish or English):

Here is the detailed program:

Sacred Feminine - Divine Feminine

Mary Magdalene Mystery School. School of the Mysteries of Mary Magdalene past, present and future. Technology of the Sacred Teachings of Mary Magdalene.


Mary Magdalene and her Vibration through her Incarnations.


Lineage of Venus - Lineage of the Black Madonna. From Inanna to Mary Magdalene.


Spiritual Teachings for Women of Mary Magdalene channeled by Ana Otero.


The Way of the 6 Uteri - 6 Petals. Feminine Spirituality through the Teachings of Mary Magdalene. The Activation of our 6 Uteri.


Uterus Virgo - Immaculate Conception - Sovereignty of Aquarius.


The Awakening of the Female Uterus: Uterus Activation, Rites of Passage, Menstrual Therapy and Therapy of the Uterus.


Feminine Medicine and the Activation of the Triple Rose and the Triple Golden Flame.


Rites of Passage of Mary Magdalene.


Initiation at the Gates of the Grail of the Uterus.


Vibration of the Infinite Feminine and the MA Frequency.


Red curtain. Red Curtains Facilitating Training.


Menstrual Therapy. Training in Menstrual Therapy.


Female archetypes.

Priesthood - Priestessing

Being a Priestess in the Golden Age. Compromise with the Magdala Way.


Priestess of Aquarius.


The Pilaters of the Female Priesthood of Mary Magdalene channeled by Ana Otero.


Temple of Female Arts.


Mirofora tradition. Deep study of Sacred Essential Oils. Activation of the Spirit of Sacred Essential Oils for Healing.


Study of Herbs.


Study of Crystals and Stones.


Sacred Geometry - Alchemical Symbols.


Creation of Ceremony and Ritual.


How to move the energy.


How to stay in the Liminal Space to work between the Two Worlds.




Sacred Scripture.


Channeling through the Scriptures, the Sacred Sound, the Sacred Drum, the Dance and all artistic expressions.


Art and Creativity as a Spiritual Practice.


Temple of Female Mystical Arts. Dance, painting, singing, sacred sound, Toning, Alchemical Movement, Astral Travel, Ancestral Female Practices, Shakti Practice, Female Shamanism, Sacred Beauty, Rituals, Ceremonies, Tale as an instrument of Resignification of the Feminine, Magic, Body Prayerers (Prayers with the Body), Channeling, Sacred Essential Oils, Crystals, Numerology, Astrology, Drum, Psycho-Drama.


Meditations in Movement channeled directly by Mary Magdalene by Ana Otero.


Practices of Sacred Dance, Kundalini Dance, Womb Yoga, Dance Movement Therapy.


Practices of Kundalini Yoga and Tantra Yoga for Kundalini Awakening.

Sacred Masculine - Sacred Feminine. Divine Masculine - Divine Feminine

Hieros Gamos - Sacred Marriage. Sacred Union - Divine Union. Mary Magdalene and Yeshua: Sacred Couple.


Sacred Couples through History and Mythology.


Sacred Relations. Relationship as a Devotional Practice.


Healing of the Internal Masculine and the Internal Feminine.


Energy practices to amplify magnetism.


The Science of Attraction.


Trust and Relational Balance for Mutual Expansion in relationships.

Intuitive Intelligence and Intuitive Awakening. Active Mysticism

The Spiral of the Mystical Rose.

The Art and Science of the Mystical Wheel of Mary Magdalene. Knowledge and Study of Sacred Days (Festivities of the Earth) and of the Energies of Earth, Water, Fire and Aether to synchronize our life, energy, healing with the practices that Mary Magdalene and the Beings of Light that are part of her lineage offer us . The Female Priesthood of Mary Magdalene is a lineage and a School of Mysteries and we respect its teachings from the Spiral of the Mystical Rose which is the Unification of all the Wheels, from the Earthly to the Cosmic, converting the Wheel into an Infinite Spiral of Expansion and Evolution. The Holy Days known as Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lammas, Mabon and Samhain are celebrated in their Mystical aspect by honoring the teachings of Mary Magdalene.


Platform and Formation in The Spiral of the Mystical Rose

Included in the Mary Magdalene Priestess Formation is the Moon Rose Platform, which is the Cyclical Formation of the Moon in its eight phases. Here we gather in Online Ceremonies for New and Full Moons, Holidays, Energy Portals and also receive channelings from Mary Magdalene. Each month is associated with an energy and also in this platform practices and archetypes are included to work the Vibration of the month.

The 12 Doors of Initiation - The 12 Astrological Doors

The study of astrology.


The Tree of Life and its Moon Wheel.


The Sacred Elements as Doors of Initiation. How to manifest through the Sacred Elements.


How to manifest through the Cosmic Energies of the Planets, the Stars and the Asteroids.


Mythology and Sacred Scriptures. I work with Goddess Vibration from Different Maps.

Healings and Activations

Initiation through Healing (Conception, Gestation, Childbirth, Ancestral, Feminine, Masculine, Mother, Father, Collective Karma, Sexual Karma).


Uterus Healing (the seven stages of Energy to heal the uterus through the laying on of hands, sacred sounds, activation codes and energy).


Female Energy Body. The manifestation of the Chakras in the Female Body and the hormonal health of women.


The Chakras as Doors of Initiation. Deep Activation of the Hathor Chakra.

The Spiritual Teachings of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua in the Code of Sacred Humanity and in the New Temple

The Sacred Sacraments of Mary Magdalene.


The Practice of Self-Love.


The Codes of Abundance of Mary Magdalene channeled by Ana Otero.


Female Guide. Male Guide. The New Paradigm in the Golden Age.


Initiation to the Nagas. The Kundalini Activators. The Awakening of the Sacred Serpent and the Cosmic Serpent. Miriam's Well. The Awakening of the Kundalini through Miriam and Moses.


Wombdala - How to create our New Matrix and the new Collective Matrix.


The Path of the Heart of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua.


Holy Spirit - Shekinah.


The Descent of the Goddess to Earth and the New Humanity.


The Beings of Light of the Spiral of the Mystical Rose: Mother Anna, Yeshua, Mother Mary, Sarah Tamar, Yeshua David, John the Baptist and others.


The Seven Demons.


The three Embraces of the Divine Union.


Activation of the Dark Light.


Cosmic Uterus.


The Dark Goddess in the Judeo-Christian Tradition.


The Gnostic Goddess.


The Gnostic Gospels (Mary Magdalene, Philip, etc…).


Pistis Sophia.

The Golden Age

Spiritual Activism in the Golden Age.


Alternative education.


Relations of the New Paradigm.


How to generate resources in the Golden Age.

Authentic item

The incarnation of our Destiny here on Earth.

Archetypes, Shadow Work, Sacred Contracts

The study of Tarot Archetypes and universal archetypes.


The Journey of the Heroine.


Guided and sustained work of the Shadow.


Honoring our sacred contracts.


Books and Channels by Ana Otero.


Application of Ana Otero's Teachings and Channelings through Mary Magdalene.


Ana Otero

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