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As Taught by Mary Magdalene

The Myrraphore tradition was seen as a "heavenly medicine"and was practiced in the temples of ancient Egypt. Celestial medicine was based on the ritualistic relationship between the Planets, the Earth Cycles and the Medicine of the Sacred Essential Oils.

Mary Magdalene is the most famous Myrraphore and when we work with Sacred Essential Oils we work with her Medicines. Trees, flowers, plantes, absorb the energy of the Planetary Deity that rules over them.  The oils that are extracted from these plantes contain the spirit of the plant and the planetary deity.  Essential Oils are alive and we can commune with them and invoke their Healing and awakening Medicine by working with their Sacred Sound and their Activation Codes.


The Sacrament of the Holy Anointing which is part of the Bridal Chamber is also related to the Sacred Essential Oils that are part of the Medicine of Mary Magdalene for the awakening of the light body. In the Arc of the Covenant of Solomon´s Temple there is precisely an anointing oil, a mixture of oils, that immediately activates the light body. Mary Magdalene as Myrraphore (Priestess of Sacred Essential Oils) knew the spirit that dwelt in each oil. Although the anointing has to do with receiving the Christ, in the rituals one of the fundamental practices of working with sacred essential oils was to achieve greater purification and connection with the soul and the cosmos.


Oils are part of Gaia's sacred medicines, but they are also connected to the cosmos.  For example, when we work with Rose essential oil from the Myrraphores tradition, we invoke the spirit of the oil, and we work directly with Venus and Lemuria. The sacred sound of rose oil is Noohra Daraga, which in Aramaic means PORTAL OF FEMININE LIGHT. When we vibrate the sacred sound once we have anointed ourselves, the spirit of the oil awakens to activate the mystical qualities and we immediately receive the activations of Venus and Lemuria.


Working with the medicine of oils as Mary Magdalene did has brought me a lot of healing and many memories of other experiences. These sacred oils should be part of any Ceremony dedicated to Mary Magdalene - Yeshua.

I have prepared this mini course as a response to so many love souls who have contacted me after publishing my book CONVERSATIONS WITH MARY MAGDALENE.  In this book I briefly talk about the oils in the chapter dedicated to the Bridal Chamber.

Myrraphore Mini Course Introduction to Myrraphores

In this course I work with 3 Biblical Essential Oils.  We will activate these Oils using their Sacred Sounds and Activation Codes and learn how to heal with these oils.  For our chanting in Aramaic if you would like to have your drum (if you have one) please do so! 

If you are interested in this Mini Course, click on the Following Link

Myrraphore Mini Course

May the Magdalene Flame guide you every day in every way.


Ana Otero

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