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11:11, Morocco, Lemuria

Prayer for Morocco

We direct our thoughts, love, and intentions towards Morocco and Her People.

To all those who have been touched by the tremors of the recent earthquake, whose lives have been shifted and shaped by its force, we send a profound wave of love, peace, and healing. May each and every wound, whether visible to the eye or hidden deep within the soul, find its balm in the collective care and compassion of communities near and far.

For the souls who have been untimely taken, who have transitioned from this earthly realm due to the devastation, our hearts pour out in grief and love. We hope and pray that as you embark on this next journey, you are met with an embrace of radiant light, enveloping you in eternal peace and understanding. May your spirits soar high, free from pain, and be guided by the celestial constellations towards serenity and warmth.

We summon the wisdom and guidance of the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realm, may their presence cast healing and protection over the land. We call upon the Light Beings, entities birthed from pure energy and positive intent, we ask for your assistance in the healing and restoration of Morocco and Her People.


May this collective force of benevolence converge upon Morocco, touching every grain of sand, every stone, every tear, and every heart with a transformative power. May these collective prayers help mend what has been broken, comfort what has been shaken, and illuminate paths where darkness has taken hold.

We also extend our prayers to the very soul of our existence, Mother Earth. As she too feels the pain of her shifts and tremors, may she find healing and equilibrium. May we, as her children, learn to care for her with renewed dedication, recognizing that her well-being is intricately linked to our own.

In the face of adversity, let the spirit of unity, resilience, and hope shine brighter than ever. Through our prayers and unified intentions, may the strength of Morocco be rebuilt.


This Earthquake happened at 11:11. Here are the messages for Humanity:

  • This number holds a high vibration and spiritual significance. When it appears, we must listen to the messages from our inner ear and reflect.

  • 11:11 is a wake up call for Humanity and an activation of consciousness.

  • The mirroring numbers of 11:11 signify balance, duality, or the tension between opposing forces coming into alignment.

  • Guardian angels are close by trying to get our attention.

  • A moment when the Cosmic Intelligence is particularly receptive to our thoughts and desires. Prayer is crucial in this moment.

  • Transcendence, sin, and punishment but also with redemption.

  • Internal and external events resonate with personal significance. What is shifting and breaking within all of us?

  • A moment to pause and reflect.

The Lemurian Perspective on the Great Flood: The Lemurians believed that major global events, like the great flood, were not just arbitrary natural disasters. Instead, they saw them as deeply interconnected with their collective consciousness and the energetic vibrations they emitted. Such events were perceived as the Earth's way of mirroring back the collective spiritual state of its inhabitants.

In the Lemurian worldview, the great flood was a profound reflection of the turmoil, imbalances, and unresolved emotions within their society. The inundation of water, a symbol of the subconscious and the emotional realm, was seen as a cleansing force, washing away the old to make space for the new. To the Lemurians, this flood was a manifestation of their inner emotional turbulence and was a call for introspection, healing, and spiritual rebirth.

Connection to the Earthquake in Morocco: Drawing parallels with the recent earthquake in Morocco and the Lemurian perspective on natural disasters, one could interpret the event as a manifestation of collective vibrations. Earthquakes shake the ground, destabilize foundations, and force societies to rebuild both physically and metaphorically. From a symbolic viewpoint, the shaking represents disturbances in our collective consciousness, areas where humanity has become complacent, or internal conflicts that need resolution.

If we were to approach such natural disasters with a Lemurian lens, the earthquake in Morocco could be seen as a call to recognize the parts of ourselves and our societies that are out of balance. It urges introspection, asking questions like: What have we neglected? Where have we caused harm, knowingly or unknowingly? And most importantly, how can we heal and move forward?

A Call for Collective Healing: The very fabric of our being is intertwined with the Earth. If we hold the belief that external events mirror our internal state, then events like the earthquake are not just natural occurrences but profound messages asking us to pay attention.

To truly heal and prevent such manifestations, we need to delve deep within, addressing our traumas, healing our wounds, and collectively raising our vibrations. Just as the Lemurians would approach the flood as an opportunity for rebirth, we too can see the earthquake as a call to build a more harmonious, compassionate, and balanced society.

In our Shabbat this Friday, we will offer a special Prayer to the Earth and Humanity. The small donation we ask for goes to the Desert Rose Foundation. We help children in India with their education, clothing and food. The donations received for this Friday´s Shabbat will also go towards Morocco. Click here to register.

Bellow is a chant to the Cosmic Mother. Invoke her healing presence into your life. She will also guide you.

Sending love to all.


Ana Otero

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Ellen Burle
Ellen Burle
Sep 12, 2023

Thank You Beloved Ana for your Soul Heartfelt Compassionate pray for Morocco. Blessed Be 💖


Love & Blessings 🩵🕊️🌹🕊️🩵


Replying to

Bless you. Ahava

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