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11-11 Shabbat - Venus Blessings!

11/11 is a "portal" through which galactic energies enter, activating new light codes that have to do with the activation of our multidimensional being and the communion and rememberance of our unity with other planetary beings. 

On 11/11, in addition to producing a rise in frequency, this is a portal that works as a magnifying glass regarding our purpose on the planet. We can access INFINITY in this Portal.

11 is Sound Vibration and when we align with the frequencies in this portal our own sound contains the codes of Light Creation.

Adding 1+1+1+1 gives 4. In this portal we  give  form to our gifts, intentions and the celestial seeds that are still unknown for us.  

 It is a vibration where the spiritual overcomes matter . As an energetic destiny, the lesson of this frequency is to overcome or learn in this incarnation where we are today, through trials, difficulties and mistakes of the past, to find a new balance and justice. Being a master number, this number will always push us to ignite a consciousness of collective service.

As a  note, the vibration of Uranus intensifies during an 11-11 Portal, so our sexual creative energy will be extremely expanded.

In Kabbalah, 11 is Kaf, the crown, and symbolizes self-realization based on faith and will. It literally means the palm of the hand. Kaf symbolizes the latent power of the Holy Spirit  in the pineal gland, which manifests itself in all its splendor in the sexual organs when we have purified our sexual energy. This Fire creates the Elohim, heaven and earth within the human being.

The Hathors are active during an 11-11 Portal and we can also work with Ascended Master Sarah Tamar.

Blessings to all of you on this powerful and magical portal.

Thank you for being in this Community. Your presence is felt in my heart.

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Ana Otero

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