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12 Holy Days. Day 2

The 12 Holy days of Christmas are practiced not only by Christians and Gnostics, but in many ancestral cultures they were seen as a time of receiving the Mysteries. Christmas is such an auspicious moment, a moment of prayer and retreat. We have the opportunity now to honor these High Holy days just as our ancestors did, but with a different type of revernce. The devotion we deliver this moment is bringing the love and beauty that was birthed in the Piscean age (not everything was negative...) into the Aquarian age.

The12-day period that begins on December 25th is a period of profound esoteric significance. The 25th of December marks the awakening of the spiritual heart for 12 days that will seal an energetic template of the year to come. These Holy 12 days are under the direct influence of the Twelve Zodiacal Hierarchies. These Zodiacal Hierarchies project themselves on planet earth, opening portals and activating wisdom codes during twelve days. This is a period of deep esoteric and spiritual significance as the Divine Light is manifesting itself more fully in the world, building into a crescendo, until its Glory is poured down into us at Epiphany.

On the 26th of December we honor Day 2 of the 12 Holy Days. We honor the Zodiacal Hierarchy of Taurus by committing to self sufficiency on all levels of our Human Experience, including the material, bodily, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. This is the DESIRE frequency as Taurus represents the material form of creation.

On this day we are being cosmically activated by the Eye of the Bull, the giver of illumination. This wisdom code is that of constructive living which can help us unlock the Mysteries of the laws of Manifestation and the Creation of Resources. On a spiritual Level, Taurus teaches us how to be, on a material level, Taurus teaches us the importance of resources.

After space, desire and mind are the two most powerful forces in the universe. With Taurus, desire becomes aspiration and aspiration becomes will.

Today take time to reflect on how you want to channel your desire so as to create the Materiel life that you want. How would you like to live, where, and what are the resources you need to live this way. Remember that by establishing material and financial security, we can more easily relax and be present to the beauty of life and the manifestation of our Mission.

Have a blessed Holy Day.

Abwoon D´bshmaya

May the Magdalene Flame guide you every day in every way.


Ana Otero

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