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Mathew 7:7-8

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened.

There are so many references to Doors in Sacred Scripture. These doors refer to the different chambers of soul evolution within us, these are the doors of Sacred Partnership with ALAHA , the Divine Mother - Father, and these doors are also Portals.

Today is one such Portal. We all love the number 22 as this number is connected to Mary Magdalene. Yet her numbers are 7 and 22 as together they create the PI. This is why we honor her feast day on the 22nd of July.

We also know that in gematria her number is 153.

Mary Magdalene is the divine birther of life and the manifestation of the wisdom of Christ. The number 153 is also known as the Matrix, the Doorway to life, the Womb, the Vessel of Creativity, God-Source and the Bridal Chamber.

I do believe that the number 22 activates all of these Magdalene Frequencies.

On this Portal, we honor the number 22 and the number 2, which repeats itself 6 times in a year 6.

2 is connected to the Aramaic letter Beit, is governed by the Moon and represents the Duality of the Feminine Principle that takes us into Unity. We can hold the Vision of Mother Eve giving us the Apple and as we bite the Apple we are aware of the Duality of our Human nature, yet we are given the opportunity to practice the true essence of Tantra, which is to go beyond Duality. Number 2 reminds us of the infinite Womb Space, Infinite Possibilities and the power of Receptivity.

22 is represented by the Aramaic Letter Tav, and is governed by Jupiter. This is the number of Divine Union, of Awakening in Grace and Faith. This is the number that seals our Sacred Service to ALAHA, to the Divine Mother-Father. 22 shows us how to access multidimensional realities and experiences. 22 guides in the proper use of our Creative Energies.

6 is represented by the Letter Vav. Vav is governed by Taurus and brings in creation through nothingness. It is a powerful number of creativity and the creation of prosperity, and business through the beauty and harmony of soul purpose. It shows us how to be artistic and how to expand our Beauty, which is always connected to the heart. This number gives us the ability to manifest with ease, knowing that we are always sustained. Vav is the letter that symbolizes the Divine Child.

So enter this portal today knowing that the universe in conspiring for us, not against us, and that Mary Magdalene as Feminine Christ is leading us to the Reception of the Holy Spirit so as to embody the Divine Feminine Presence. The Dragon Energies are strong today, and these energies want us to merge our soul with the physical body and to unite Masculine-Feminine and all Polarities.

Bless you always.

Have a radiant day!


Ana Otero

Image by Yoneit Maldonado.

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