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Alignment for Aries Full Moon

Blessings on this Full Moon in Aries

In Biblical - Gnostic Astrology, Aries represents the Pineal Gland and the Arc of the Covenant. As Solar Libra and Lunar Aries on this day unite within their polarity, we are reminded that alignment is the most sophisticated experience when working with the Cosmic Intelligence. Cycles are prophetic, as something is always revealed to us when we are ready and willing to spiral within the Cycle.

Alignment is beyond balance. Balance helps us understand when we are too much on one side, we must include or return to the other side. Alignment permits the mind's activity to go beyond its limitations, to transcend duality, to live in the ever present moment that is infinitely being experienced in the past and in the future. When we experience this, our atoms, molecules, cells, breath, time, space, dimensions, light, angels, Alaha, are all working together. The communication amongst all realms that form our reality is flowing at all levels, the inference that once was there starts to disappear.

When the Soul and Spirit are in alignment, they easily flow together and work towards our soul’s evolution. This is not just a state of being or a state of mind, it is a delightful consequence of the deliberate and purposeful (spiritual, intellectual, and physical) work we put in on a daily basis. When we are in alignment with the Cosmic Intelligence, we create the magic and synchronicity in our reality that results in positive and optimal manifestations. This is self - revelation.

On the Full Moon which is a gateway of 3 days, reflect upon the power of your words and the truth in your communication. Allow beauty to flow through you and see beauty as strength. Did you know that one of the translations of Venus in the Desert Rose teachings is Victory? Allow the body to be pure so as to activate the Pineal Gland and take time to do a practice, specially chanting and breath work. Allow the light of the Full Moon to reveal to you, so be opened. Channel your Sacred Inner Flame towards the manifestation of Your Soul's Greatest Good and Highest Expression.

Thank you to all of you in this Community. Your presence is so dear to me.

The image of the Woman is from my Desert Rose Oracle Cards. Artist: Gabriel Icka.


Ana Otero

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