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Aquarius and the Garden of Eden

On this New Moon in Aquarius, the overflowing celestial water jug is poured on to humanity and Gaia, symbolizing the abundance of creation that comes from the Garden of Eden. Eden is the paradisiacal garden created by Alaha (Divine Mother - Father / Source) as the dwelling place for all life. This garden is fed by a river and has abundant plants, trees, and animals, all existing harmoniously. This River, these waters of Light Creation, are the Waters of Aquarius.To receive the waters of Eden our serpent energy must be purified and channeled upwards to the heart so as to generate a flow of Light Creation through the heart center, allowing the Celestial Serpent to penetrate us, uniting the Body of Blood with the Body of Light.

Eden in Aramaic, ODANA, means the Well Watered Place. In the Teachings of the Desert Rose we can access ODANA through our Womb Chakra, once the sexual energy is purified.

Aquarius represents Sound Vibration and the Galactic Realm. This sign is associated with the energy of Sarah Tamar and the Constellation of Aquarius in Biblical Astrology represents John the Baptist pouring down the pure sexual waters of Light Creation within our body vessels.

There are 2 tress in the Garden of Eden, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life. Aquarius is the Tree of Life, which ensures eternal life and a consciousness that transcends time and all duality.

Work with Archangel Uriel during this New Moon and Lunar Cycle. Archangel Uriel is an angel of wisdom, truth, and justice. He is associated with divine guidance and inner strength. He is a great source of comfort and support and can help you find clarity in difficult times. He also encourages us to take personal responsibility and make choices that are in alignment with our highest good. The Essenes had a special relationship with Archangel Uriel. They believed that Uriel communicated divine knowledge to them and guided them in their spiritual practices.

As Aquarius represents one who looks outward towards the Sky, towards Infinity, as opposed to looking at the three dimensional world, in this Lunar Cycle know that you are infinity and that all is possible. Let us remember that we come from the Stars and during this Lunar Cycle we can transcend all limitations and self imposed beliefs.


Isaiah 44:3 – For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground; I will pour my Spirit upon your offspring, and my blessing on your descendants.

In Biblical Astrology, Aquarius gives us the opportunity the hold more light and bring equilibrium into our Human Nature, as we are given the innate knowledge of our Soul origin.

Aquarius is gives wisdom to suffering humanity. There is no hierarchy, as every person has come here to awaken his-her personal gifts and innate inner wisdom.

Message form Mother Anna: When you fill your energy body with positive invocations and affirmations, you not only cleanse the personal auric field and transform it into a Radiant Glory, you also cleanse the collective energy field and the heavenly memory awakens:The Book of Life.

Aramaic Mantra: ODANA BARUKA: At the Gates of Eden.

This is the Closest New Moon that we have had in the las 992 years...The energy is strong.

Homemade Frankincense and Myrrh Lotion

Myrraphore Essential Oil Blend Recipe for a Body Lotion that you can use during this Lunar Cycle, as with the Aquarius energy it is important to stay grounded so as to contain the celestial energies we are receiving. Frankincense gives us the expansion of Aquarius and Myrrh brings humility and heart connection, which is what we always must remember to allow (heart connection) when we are working with the Aquarius Energy.

¼ Cup olive oil

¼ Cup coconut oil

¼ Cup bees wax

¼ Cup shea butter

2 Tbs. vitamin E

20 drops frankincense essential oil

20 drops myrrh essential oil

lotion dispenser bottles

1. Put olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax and shea butter in glass bowl then place that bowl in saucepan with water.

2. Heat stove to medium and mix ingredients together.

3. Once mixed put in refrigerator for an hour until solid.

4. With a regular mixer or hand mixer beat the mixture until it is whipped and fluffy. Then add essential oils and vitamin E and mix. 5. Fill container and store in cool place.

Thank you for your presence and New Moon Blessings.


Ana Otero

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