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Aquarius and the Tribe of Joseph

Ahava and Blessings

As I take delight in this beautiful Venus - Shabbat day, I feel there is so much wisdom being poured into us by this Lunar Cycle of Aquarius, known as the Month of Shevat in the Desert Rose Teachings and in Biblical Astrology.

Each zodiacal frequency represents one of the 12 Tribes of Israel. Joseph is the Tribe that represents Aquarius. He was the son of Rachel the Matriarch, who conceived him after many years of infertility. When she finally gave birth to him, she named her son Joseph, which means SHALL INCREASE. She did not see the birth of Joseph as the culmination of her longing, she saw the birth of Jospeh as the beginning of all of the abundance she would receive, and she did, she gave birth to another child a bit later: Binyamin.

Joseph was a visionary and he believed that he would accomplish great things. This belief did not come from arrogance, it came from prophecy, from his direct relationship with Alaha. His older brothers (from different mother) were very jealous of him. First, he was Jacob´s (the father) favourite, and second, he was wise, a teacher, a seer. So one day they shoved him in a bag and they sold him off into slavery.

Imagine how scary this must have been. At the end, an Egyptian bought him to be a slave, but soon found out that he had special gifts. They took him to the Pharaoh and he became the Pharaoh´s Seer, Oracle and Astrologer. The Pharaoh consulted Joseph on every decision he had to make and they became great friends. Joseph was deeply respected by the Hebrews and the Egyptians and his abundance in all forms increased as time went by. He could have really given up and lost his Faith with the situation that he had to endure, yet he never stopped believing in the Power of his Mission.

This story teaches us that our Visions during this Lunar Cycle are much more than dreams. Look at your Visions as a Prophecy, as something you are here to create and manifest. You being here on Earth incarnated is a Holy Miracle, a Prophecy within itself.

In Gnostic - Biblical Astrology there is always a sacred animal that represents each tribe - zodiacal frequency. For Aquarius it is the Buffalo.

Buffalo is about accomplishing greatness within conflict by mere presence, by one’s countenance, not by fighting, but by being very present in the fullness of one’s power, one’s stance. Just as Joseph,

who overcame the plotting of his brothers and took reign of the rulership of the mighty Egyptian Empire without lifting a finger. He accomplished all this merely by his presence, by integrating all of himself and bringing all of his qualities and gifts to the forefront when needed.

What are your special qualities?

What are your special gifts?

Remember, in this Lunar Cycle things can only increase in goodness!!!

Thank you for reading. There is a great transmission in this story.I feel calm after writing it, as when we write or read a story, we are recreating the moment and receiving the Direct Transmission.

What have you felt with this story? I would love to know.

Many of you have asked me for training in Gnostic - Biblical Astrology. I will be creating opportunities for us to dive deeply into the meaning and embodiment of Astrology as a Cosmic Intelligence that was lived and experienced by the Desert Rose Teachers.

Remember to connect with trees in this Lunar Cycle as Aquarius represents The Tree of Life. There is a power wisdom received through bonding with the trees.

Sending my love to all of you.

Happy Venus - Shabbat Day.


Ana Otero

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1 Comment

Will Stapleton
Will Stapleton
Sep 22, 2023

Joseph King of Dreams is a great movie showing Joseph as an Aquarian. thank you for the article

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