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Aquarius Full Moon. The Cross of Transmutation.

Ahava and Blessings

Welcome to this second Full Moon in Aquarius at 29 degrees. The last Full Moon in Aquarius before the Leo New Moon was at 1 degrees. On an energetic level we have gone through a 29 degree initiation of Aquarian Activations. Each degree in a zodiacal archetype moves towards a delivering of Purpose.

This second Full Moon is so important. As we are in the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, or what some may call the transition, there is so much upheaval going on on our planet. We can no longer deny the Cosmic and Galactice presence that we are being exposed to. We are multidimensional, galactic and cosmic beings. It makes no sense to keep on living in separation and fear...WE ARE BEING PUSHED INTO AN AWAKENING OF THE COSMIC DIVINE HUMAN.

Aquarius governs the blood system and its circulation. By means of the blood, the life force is distributed throughout the entire human body. It is symbolic of the task of the awakened Aquarian Human who dispenses spiritual life throughout the human kingdom. Aquarius represents the Cross of Transmutation, the process of desire becoming aspiration, and selfishness transforming into selflessness.

The aquarian Energy awakens a sexual energy that needs to be transmuted. To wisely transmute the sexual energy is to create an internal revolution from darkness and unconsciousness to wisdom and light, and to help our human family and acknowledge the light of the Abwoon, the Mother - Father, in everyone.

In the current zodiac, Aquarius is the 11th sign, but the Ancient Zodiac began with Virgo, the virgin, being the 1st and Leo, the lion, being the last or 12th. From the Virgin to the Lion; Virgin consciousness to Christ. This was Known as the spiritual zodiac. In this Spiritual Zodiac Aquarius was the 7th sign. The number 7 is used abundantly in the Bible as it symbolizes Divine Intervention and Initiation. This is also the Number of Mary Magdalene. Just remember the 7 seals of Revelations in which John sees a scroll in heaven and then seas God take the seals off, each seal symbolizing something very powerful. My intention is not to go into this now but I will write an article about the 7 seals as I think all of them have happened and we are slowly coming into the 7th Seal, which is an absolute silence , a holy space, and in this Space the Divine Mother comes and rescues those who are open to this Cosmic Energy and the willingness to step into SERVICE, GOODNESS, GRACE AND LOVE. We will gather on the Full Moon in Aquarius in our Magdalene Alaha Shela Ceremony and walk the Path of the Cross of Transmutation. We will also experience teachings of the Book of Creation that will guide us into the the Spherical Existence of the Galactic Human. Our Ceremony will be on the 20th of August at 16,00 CET. To know more about the Magdalene Alaha Shela Membership Click here.

May we all be Creative, Creation, Created and Creating.



Ana Otero

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