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Asherah and John the Baptist: Water and Earth

Desert Rose Reading for Tuesday, Gimel Day:

2 Card Spread: Beit spread, symbolizing the womb or the house, is about nurturing and birthing something new, particularly through the harmonization of dualities.


Asherah, the Tree Goddess, in ancient Semitic religion, is often regarded as a mother goddess, symbolizing fertility, motherhood, and life. She embodies the Earth's nurturing aspects, the generative powers of nature, and the feminine divine. Asherah represents the grounding, life-giving force, the embodiment of abundance, and the spiritual aspect of fertility and creation.

Yohanan the Baptiser (John the Baptist):

Yohanan symbolizes purification, spiritual awakening, and the preparatory path for higher understanding. He stands for the water element, cleansing and renewal, and a call to spiritual preparation. Yohanan brings change, the voice in the wilderness preparing the way for new spiritual insights.

The Unity of Asherah and Yohanan:

In combining the energies of Asherah and Yohanan the Baptiser, this Beit spread suggests a powerful synthesis of earth and water, grounding and purification, femininity and asceticism.

Birthing of Balanced Creation: The union symbolizes the birth of a new kind of creation that is both grounded in the nurturing aspects of the earth (Asherah) and purified through spiritual renewal (Yohanan). This is the creation that is holistic, integrating the material with the spiritual.

Integration of the Feminine and Masculine: It suggests a harmonization of feminine and masculine energies. Asherah's nurturing, life-giving qualities blend with Yohanan's spirit of transformation and preparation, highlighting the importance of balance in fostering growth and renewal.

Spiritual Awakening Grounded in Nature: This union also symbolizes a spiritual awakening that is deeply rooted in the natural world. It encourages a path of spirituality that honors and incorporates the rhythms and cycles of nature, understanding them as integral to spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Preparation for a New Phase of Existence: Just as Yohanan prepared the way for Yeshua, this union could symbolize for you preparation for a new phase of existence or consciousness, supported by the nurturing and sustaining powers of Asherah.

If you are reading this, this is an important message for you.

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Have a blessed day.


Ana Otero

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