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Balancing the Virgo Energy with Essential Oils

In the Magdalene Myrraphore teachings there are certain oils that can quickly balance a zodiacal frequency. These oils are not exactly connected to the Zodiacal Expression, yet they balance out the energy that we can be holding. As we are in the Virgo Portal and In Mercury Retrograde, in this tradition White Sandalwood heals any imbalance we may be carrying within the Virgo Frequency.

White Sandalwood supports the experience of inner unity of mind, body, and spirit; awareness of inner soul life, enhancement of higher consciousness and related creativity, relaxation of the conscious mind, meditation, prayer and spiritual practice, peace, and acceptance. Perfect for leaving the mind and going back into our Inner Cave.

White Sandalwood holds within it´s Spirit (in this tradition all oils contain a Spirit), Gaia and a connection to the Pleyadian Energy.

As Virgo is ruled by Mercury, if we feel that we are going too much into our minds and over thinking, I would strongly recommend this oil as it will expand your energy field quickly and take you into the body.

Use this oil in the morning and/or night and you can also accompany your anointing with Chanting the Pleyadian Sounds (video below).

Happy Anointing.


Ana Otero

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