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This morning I had a very early walk around the Monastery of El Escorial. Everything was so silent and sacred. I could feel the Priests of the Monastery getting ready for Easter Mass. I felt I was being taken into so many life times that people walked around this Monastery on this Easter Sunday and yet I coul feel Mary Magdalenes footsteps and the presence of the Feminine Christ.

Before the sun had even begun to rise, Mary Magdalene was the first to arrive Sunday morning to care for the body of her Beloved. The tomb was empty and Yeshua´s Body was gone. Mary Magdalene ran to tell the disciples. After hearing this news, Peter and John came to see the empty tomb for themselves. The apostles left, but Mary stayed behind in prayer. As she was weeping she looked into the tomb and saw two angels sitting where her Beloved´s Body had been so carefully laid. “Woman, why weepest thou? whom seekest thou?” Mary Magdalene thought someone else was speaking to her and asked: “Sir, if thou have borne him hence, tell me where thou hast laid him, and I will take him away.”

Then Mary Magdalene heard a single word, her own name. “Mary.” It was her Beloved speaking to her. She ran to embrace him and he said “touch me not,” although the direct translation from Aramaic is “you can’t hold me forever.

Here stood Mary, a woman, not a credible witness according to Jewish Law in that moment of history. Yet,Yeshua not only first appears to Mary, but also to several other women who also had come to care for the Yeshua´s body. Before appearing to Peter or any of the other apostles, Yeshua first appears to women.

In a world where women were looked down upon and not valued, Yeshua saw t the faith and devotion given to him by these women. In the darkest of moments these women stayed by his side, supporting him, caring for him, and also burying him. These women were the first to see His Celestial Light.

Devotion, Compassion, Faith, Support, Unconditional Love, Yeshua valued these qualities, these expressions of the Divine Feminine. What an amazing Teacher and Pure Soul Yeshua was to see women in that moment of time as equal to men and as what humanity needed to create balance between the masculine and feminine. What a humble soul to teach the Mysteries to all who were opened to receive and learn them, not only to the priveleged. Today, on this Easter Sunday, let us reflect on his Resurrection, by bringing back these Divine Feminine Qualities into our life, men and women. It is time to empty ourselves from the notion of separation and allow the pure Celestial Light of Christ on this powerful day to be poured into our hearts. Let us allow ourselves to receive Yeshua´s Grace through his Sacred Right. Let us remember that today we are reminded of our Own Birth in the Light .

Abwoon D´bshmaya


Ana Otero

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