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Blessings on this Solar Portal of Pisces

Welcome to the Pisces Solar Portal where we have the opportunity to connect with the Creative Channel and unify the VISIONARY@ activated in this age of Aquarius with the Mystical Pisces.

We have entered the NUN CODE . Nun in aramaic is also know as the fish, it is the Yoni Portal into wisdom that brings us into the Vesica Pisces.

Yeshua was able to activate this code through his Union with Mary Magdalene and through the teachings he received from his Mother Mary and Mother Anna. Everyone has access to the Nun, which is the wisdom of the Divine Feminine Presence.

In this Portal Mary Magdalene Speaks to us about the Shem. The Shem is the Sacred name and the Cosmos, the Shemaya, is the light expanding from the vibration of the sacred name. As we dive into the Waters of Creation of the Cosmic Womb the powerful code of YESHUA-MARYA is activated.

I will be sharing a NUN codes in this Pisces Portal so we can be birthed together as Children of the Abwoon.

This solar portal in Pisces helps us heal the limiting subconscious beliefs and attitudes that cause our suffering. These beliefs make us live in a separation that is really fictitious, because we are always in union with the SPIRIT.

The more trauma we can release through connections with our creativity and aligning ourselves with the creative channel, the easier it will be for us to change the beliefs that chain us to this separation, then miraculous solutions are presented that reflect our internal change.

We can let go of the victim, as this creates a passivity fueled by a feeling of hopelessness that prevents opportunities for healing and expansion of our true soul self.

After so much activity in Aquarius since the new Moon with so many celestial bodies in this sign that marks the Era in which we are living in now, the opportunity to dive into the waters of creation is appreciated, dissolving in the Mother-Father, even dissolving in infinite love in our souls.

Pisces represents the Christ Consciousness and gives us the opportunity to lower all mental and analytical activity from the mind to the heart to live in compassion.


Remember that you are love and infinitely supported by the Mother - Father.

Have a blessed day.

Abwoon D'bshmaya

May the Flame of the Magdala guide us infinitely.


Ana Otero

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