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Channeling Mary Magdalene. All things are possible for the One Who Believes

Channeling Mary Magdalene. All things are possible for the One Who Believes

Go beyond your limitations into the embrace of Divine Love to create new realities and a new way of being. Accept my guidance: empty yourself, believe, allow, receive, be.

Receive your spiritual calling and remembrance. Yes, you are being called to be in service to yourself and the world through your own unique visions, gifts and passions. Attending to your Soul´s calling is now part of your work and you must give time to this.

Your Soul is limitless, you are infinite.

As a Human Being you entered this incarnation as a Holy Chalice, a Body Temple, filled with the purest and most beautiful creative silence and wisdom. With time, this was replaced by noise and karmic lessons. Now you know, you feel, that the lies and noise can no longer live within you. Now is the time to become emptied. I ask you to now cultivate Haimanoota. Haimanoota is Faith, you must cultivate Faith, not a blind faith, a faith that is an expression of absolute knowledge and confidence that you are in a relationship with the Divine. The Divine lives in you and you live in the Divine. When you manifest this Faith, you will be emptied.

In my time on Earth with Yeshua we continuously traveled together with our community to deliver the Teachings of Love. Many people wanted us to give them specific rules and beliefs that they could follow. We always taught that a single moment of total devotion is worth more than hours of reading sacred texts or following unquestioned beliefs. This Total Devotion will bring you to live in Haimanoota, Embodied Faith.

Remember that all things are possible for the one who believes.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero

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