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Channeling Mary Magdalene. The Day of the Masters

Blessings to you on this magical day.I honor your presence and I breathe into you these words of wisdom.

As I walk amongst all of you I can feel the teachings that Yeshua and I delivered awakening. We planted these sacred seeds in our time on earth and finally we see the flourishing of a new race.

The Festival you are celebrating on this 6th of January brings the activation of the Magi, known as the Three Kings. The significance of this day will steadily increase as the Truth is being revealed. Humanity will understand more and more what a Magi is, and the great Magis, Masters, will come to bear a specific mark. This mark will only be seen by the eye of Christ when it is awakened in you.

Humanity is starting to understand true Christianity and this will lead to an understanding of spiritual science.

Remember that the true seer beholds the body from within, not without. Today I ask you to look at all things from within. The true Mystery is infused within all things and beings.

The star of Bethlehem will show you how to see the soul itself as a Star, and when this happens, your star of Bethlehem within you will guide you in your decisions and evolution.

The Higher Human is being born out of this Star of Bethlehem. I know you ask me in this moment, where do I begin? Start by including in your material existence sacramentalism. This has been lost to some degree by humanity. The sacraments will deliver an event of untold significance in your life and in the Collective.

Myrrh is the symbol of the dying of the lower life and the resurrection of the higher life, thus being born from the womb of the Virgin Mother.

Gold is the Symbol for Wisdom and Cosmic Intelligence, helping you radiate the Sun of your heart.

Frankincense is the symbol of the principle of sacramental offering, serving you humility, devotion and connection.

I thank you for opening your heart and your sight to receive my words.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero

I embrace all of you and am so grateful for your presence.

Remember that you are love and infinitely held by the Divine Mother - Father.

Abwoon D´bshmaya

May the Magdalene Flame guide you every day in every way.


Ana Otero


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