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Channeling Mary Magdalene. The Sacred Ego

Ahava and Blessings

I shared this channeling in our Hamsa 5-5 Manifestation ritual for 2022.

A functioning ego is necessary for your incarnated soul. The ego is actually not the problem, as you can choose to allow your ego to keep you in fear and separation or allow your ego to surrender to the Grace of your Soul.

I want you to know that the dismantling of your false structures and beliefs is a very holy work. Remember that Resurrection does not happen without crucifixion.

You are the Divine, you are the I AM Divine aspect of all that is. To know this will take you out of the illusion of the​ false self. Do you not know that you are connected to everything and everyone. Yet your EGO pushes you to create boundaries in your relationships and to constantly think about​ ​how your life could be better. Your life is happening now. Choose to live your life. Choose to create your life. Choose to be grateful for your present experience and all that you have.

When you understand that absolutely everything is interconnected, that every moment in your life is weaved together in this present moment, that every relationship you have, have had and will have is also part of who you are, then you will KNOW THE PATH OF THE Chochma, the path of Wisdom.

The essence of all of your desires is holy. Your intentions and inspirations manifest when your​ ​desire is aligned with the universal light, when you​r​ body and soul are in harmony and in sacred union and when your actions are elevated by the grace that you inherently carry.

You are a co-creator, allow yourself to be a vessel, open up, make space, become emptied.

​Your soul existed with a purpose long before the manifest world. Now is the most current adventure of soul in your body. During the lifetime of the body and soul, there is a purpose the body and soul must fulfill together. You contain the creative force to fulfill this purpose by remembering the Holy Desire of your sacred expression and manifestation.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero


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