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Channeling Sarah Tamar. Inana Noohra D-Alma

Blessings to all of you on this Post New Moon Taurus. The channeling below is a beautiful message from Sarah Tamar delivered to us on this beautiful Lunar Cycle. May the wisdom contained in these words guide us in the construction of our New Earth.

I am Sarah Tamar and I come to you today to speak of the merging essence of your template with the new grid of the earth. This New grid comes from a cleansing and an awakening that is happening in your planet.

Inana Noohra D-Alma is the mantra my mother taught me to pray every day as I awoke. I am the light of the world. This New grid is awakening as you remember that you are the light of the world. It is a grid that has lived in a different dimension and for this reason some of you have already been able to access it. The ones who have accessed this grid have received the Wisdom and Knowing of the Organic Laws of Manifestation, Love, Compassion and Healing. Those of you who have accessed this grid are living in and giving the service that you have been asked to deliver.

You remembering that you are the light of the world gives you access to this New Grid, and you must learn how to balance power with desire for this New Grid to be the Matrix that feeds humanity in the next and many years to come.

Without desire you would not be here. Without desire you would not wake up and tend to your duties. Desire is a sacred fire that in essence is sparked by remembering that you are creation, creator and created at the same time. This holy desire as a rememberence is what fuels the body to live in unity with the soul, in a Divine Union. As power is neutral, you can use it to create or to destroy. When you are aligned with destruction the desires you may have come from a place of the ego. Sometimes you will not know if your power is from destruction, this is why you must heal through forgiveness and liberate those people, lives and experiences that are attached to your mind, heart, and most of all, your creation space, the womb. This is destruction. To be in forgiveness and humility and in unconditional love will allow you to be in creation, thus your DESIRE emerges as a sacred act of love.

Power and Desire in balance will allow this new grid to expand completely and fill up every space of your planet. This will allow Gaia to again reclaim her Inana Noohra D-alma, she will sing I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD.

As you remember that you are light, you remember that you are vibration, you are sound, you are the word. Give thanks and be grateful for all that you have and all the Abundance given to you by Mother Earth. Be grateful for your Body and treat it well. Chant the Inana Noohra D-Alma every morning as you awake. As you chant it, I will come and bless you.

Sarah Tamar

Channeled by Ana Otero

May we always know that we are the love of the Abwoon.

May the Magdalene Flame guide us infinitely.


Ana Otero

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