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Cleansing The Tree of Life Template Week 6!

Ahava and Blessings!

We are on week 6 of counting the Omer, this is so exciting as this is the first time we are doing this as a Community and not just in the trainings and courses!

Yesod, known as the "Foundation" in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, serves as the crucial bridge between the spiritual and physical realms. It is the sephirah that channels the divine energy from the higher spheres into the material world, acting as a conduit for the flow of blessings and spiritual insight. Yesod is associated with the subconscious mind, dreams, and the power of imagination, reflecting the inner workings of our psyche and the hidden influences that shape our reality. In the mystical tradition, Yesod represents the qualities of purity, truth, and fidelity, embodying the balance and harmony required to manifest our deepest desires and spiritual intentions. It is through Yesod that we connect with the divine presence within us, grounding our spiritual aspirations into tangible form and nurturing the foundation of our spiritual practice.

Day 36: May 29, 2024  Be a channel of mercy, kindness, and love for someone who needs guidance. Your compassionate actions below will activate abundance from above. As the Gospel of Mary Magdalene states, "Every nature, every modeled form, every creature, exists in and with each other." By extending loving-kindness, you honor this interconnectedness and can receive divine blessings.

Day 37: May 30, 2024  It is often more challenging to act rightly than wrongly, and harder to be kind than to be cruel. Today, set boundaries with dignity, compassion and respect.  "If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you," says the Gospel of Thomas. Embrace this inner discipline.

Day 38: May 31, 2024   Today, seek to exercise both qualities of the feminine and masculine natures, like mercy and judgement, in your interactions. The Zohar teaches, "The light that shines upon the soul brings clarity and understanding." Let your balanced compassion illuminate your path and those around you.

Day 39: June 1, 2024   Today, embrace the process and find Light in the journey, recognizing that arrival is not the goal but the continuous effort towards it.

Day 40: June 2, 2024 Be a channel for bringing people together. Helping others in their relationships will enhance your own. "Wisdom is justified by all her children," says the Gospel of Luke. In humility, recognize the wisdom and value in creating unity and connection.

Day 41: June 3, 2024  When we focus solely on ourselves, we block the Light. Today we are asked to be a conduit of sustenance and abundance for someone else. The Gospel of Philip reminds us, "The world is not worthy of one who will receive the mystery of the truth." Share your light and resources generously, allowing divine abundance to flow through you.

Day 42: June 4, 2024 It is important to live with a consciousness of abundance.  If you are intellectually gifted, that is abundance. If you have healing hands, that is abundance. If you possess the gift of eloquence, that too is abundance. The Zohar emphasizes, "There is no place devoid of Alaha´s Presence." Recognize the divine abundance within you and around you.

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Ana Otero

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