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Creation and Unity Meditation: Yod He Vav He

The Yod He Vav He Movement Meditation is a practice that I like to do every day. This form of meditation combines rhythmic movement with the deep resonances of these primordial creation sounds. I have shared the meditation below and also I am sharing the benefits of this practice:

  1. Harmonization of Energy Centers: This meditation harmonizes the body's energy centers -chakras - chambers of light. Each movement aligned with the Yod, He, Vav, and He activates and balances different energy points, facilitating a smooth flow of prana - Hayye in ARamaic - throughout the body.

  2. Unity of Body and Spirit: The practice embodies the principle of ‘as above, so below,’ uniting the physical movements of the body with the spiritual vibrations of the sacred sounds. This unity helps in transcending the illusion of separation between body and spirit, leading to a profound sense of oneness.

  3. Access to Cosmic Consciousness: The Yod He Vav He contains universal wisdom. Their repetition, combined with movement, can elevate consciousness, providing access to higher realms of understanding and cosmic knowledge.

  4. Transformation and Renewal: Just as these letters are associated with creation, their meditative repetition brings us into a state of renewal. We shed old patterns and embrace a new, enlightened way of being.

  5. Deepening of Intuitive Powers: Regular practice of this meditation can open up channels of intuition. The synchronization of movement and sound creates a heightened state of awareness, where insights and spiritual guidance can flow more freely.

  6. Cultivation of Inner Peace: The rhythmic nature of the movements, combined with the focus on sacred sound, induces a state of deep inner peace. This practice stills the mind and harmonizes the emotions.

  7. Manifestation of Intentions: The Yod He Vav He Movement Meditation is also a powerful tool for manifestation. The vibrational energy generated through this practice can help in manifesting our intentions and bringing them into physical reality.

  8. Experience of Sacred Geometry: The movements in this meditation often mimic patterns of sacred geometry, aligning us with the Cosmic Intelligence.

  9. Enhancement of Creative Energies: Engaging in this meditation unlocks creative energies. The blend of physical movement and vocalization stimulates the creative centers in the brain, inspiring artistic expression and innovative thinking.

  10. Spiritual Empowerment: This practice strengthens the connection with the self and Alaha, awakening Faith and Confidence in our Incarnation

You can practice this meditation below as I have shared a video. I hope it brings you the peace and unity I feel within when I am practicing this.

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Sending love to all of you.

Enjoy your Practice.


Ana Otero

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