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Day 2 Novena to Mother Anna

Ahava and Blessings!

On this second day of our Novena we ask Mother Anna to shelter us under the mantle of her motherly care.  We ask Mother Anna to help us purify our thoughts and desires so that all that we bring into this world be immaculately conceived.

Mother Anna,

Aid my decisions so that all that I do may be done in love.

Help me focus my attention on my thoughts and actions.

With your Divine Breath cleanse all that is not aligned with love.

May the heavenly radiance of your presence illuminate my words.

May the conception of light be present in my mind.

I ask that you show me on this day how to love with the power of the Word.

Amen - So it is.

On this second day of the Novena to Mother Anna. Spend time in quiet meditation and choose a Mantra to chant for 11 minutes. When we chant mantra we become the mantra. By chanting we learn how to fall in love with our own voice, the voice of the soul that feels replenished and free to express herself through the BODY TEMPLE we have chosen.


Ana Otero

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