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Day 2 Ritual of Light: Embracing the Inner Flame

Day 2 Ritual of Light: Embracing the Inner Flame

Today, as we continue our Ritual of Light, let us open our hearts to the radiant glow of the divine. Feel the warmth kindling in your heart, sense the flame growing stronger within you. Contemplate where this luminous energy is most needed—is it in your heart, your thoughts, your words, your deeds, or perhaps in your relationships? Envision this light permeating every part of your being, illuminating every cell, and then expanding outward to touch the world around you.

Visualize yourself as a living menorah. You are the Shamash, the central flame that ignites the other candles. Feel that warmth again in your heart, the center of your being.

Now, gently affirm the miracle you are embracing. Say "yes" to the unfolding miracle within you, allowing it to manifest through every aspect of your life. The world awaits the brilliance of your light.

Recognize that as you embrace this miraculous light, your very presence becomes hope, a miracle that humanity yearns for. This seed of light is an eternal part of you, a reminder of your inherent divinity and purpose.

Dedicate a moment each day to acknowledge and nurture your inner light. Embody love, for it is the essence of this light. As you journey through these days of illumination, let your light shine forth, let this light ignite the miracles we each hold within.

Message from Mary Magdalene

Come and walk with me through the timelines of the ancient ones as I reveal the untold Truth and the Wisdom of the Cosmos. There are many who continue to be angry about my persecution. Do not be angry. Rejoice in my name. I am not a victim, I have never been one, for no matter what circumstances I had to go through in my time on Earth and beyond this time, I always knew the true essence within me, THE LIGHT AND THE PURITY OF ALAHA´S CREATION.

Now is the time that you know the truth of who you are. Strip yourself completely of who you think you have been and are, and sit with the nakedness of your soul. This is your Sacred Sanctuary, your emptiness, here lies the truth of your incarnated Soul that can feel the glory of the heavens and also embrace Mother Earth with your feet. In this emptiness, your soul will radiate through your body an energy field that enables you to live freely, dissolving the veils of illusion that have been attached to you. Here you step into the center of your heart and commune with ALL THAT IS, with ALAHA. This Cosmic Divine Union expands your consciousness and your simple presence becomes an activation of light that can awaken those around you.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero

A Prayer for the Holy Land - Gaza🌹⚜️🌹

Divine Presence, in this moment of collective reflection, we acknowledge the profound need for unity and peace in our world. As we turn our gaze towards the Holy Land, a place yearning for healing and harmony, we recognize that humanity is at a pivotal crossroads. We choose to step away from the chasms of division and conflict, to renounce the atrocities that wound the soul of the world—no more shall the cries of suffering from the unjust treatment of women, the bombing of innocent children and families, and the senseless massacre of human life echo in our hearts.

In this sacred time of Advent and Hanukkah, as we kindle the lights that symbolize hope and renewal, let us also ignite the light within us. Let this light be an infinite symbol of unity, transcending ego-driven perspectives, and leading us to the path of forgiveness. Our hearts, heavy with the weight of pain and death, yearn for a transition to love, for our souls are desperate for healing and wholeness.

On this day, December 9th, under the auspices of the Venus Gate, where Venus meets the Moon, let us witness the sacred union of the celestial and the earthly, reminiscent of the Garden of Eden merging with our incarnational experience. In this profound alignment, let us dwell deeply in our hearts, recognizing this inner sanctuary as our true home, transcending language, race, culture, and religion.

May this moment be a turning point, where our collective light becomes a powerful force for change. Let us come together, holding and sharing this light, for the world urgently requires our compassion and unity. Through our prayers and actions, may peace unfold, blossoming across the Holy Land and beyond, touching every corner of our world.


Ana Otero

Today is a Venus Gate, and I welcome you to watch the video below.

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