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Day 3 Novena Mother Anna

Mother Anna, today on this third day of the Novena we celebrate how you attended to the needs of the soul of your daughter Maria. We honor your commitment by taking her to the Temple at an early age, knowing that her destiny would be to follow the Christ Light. You guided Mother Mary to live the Path of the Divine Feminine in order to live from the Consciousness of her Cosmic Origin.

Mother Anna

Today I ask you to guide me in the awakening of my service to the Mother - Father.

On this third day of the Novena I ask that you guide me to be the feminine heart in all my relationships. May this day be a celebration of my divine gifts.

Mother Ana's Message:

Each of you has a divine gift. These gifts can be expressed in various ways, through writing, music, cooking, caring, healing, leadership, motherhood. The gifts are infinite. Some of you have gifts in multiple areas, while others are on the path of identifying and claiming your gifts. As you evolve, you will realize that you share similar gifts to others. But it is your individuality and what each of you contributes with your divine gifts that distinguishes you from the expressions of the gifts of other people. That is why it is so important to BE YOU. It is your first purpose in life, TO BE YOU. When you learn through human incarnation to BE the soul and stop seeking to be SOMETHING, the gifts will appear in your life quickly and naturally. It is at that moment that you will be aligned with your DESTINY.

Channeled by Ana Otero

On this Third Day of the Novena to Mother Anna, take this day to explore your gifts and to thank the divine gifts with which you have been blessed. Look inside and feel full and abundant with everything you have, are, deliver and are delivering to the world.


Ana Otero

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