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Day 8 Rituals to the Light. Culmination.

Ritual: Culmination of the 8 Days of Ritual to the Light


This ritual marks the final day of the 8 Days of Ritual to the Light, a journey of acknowledging and embracing your inner luminosity. It's a time to recognize your role as a bearer of light and to affirm your powerful presence in the world.


  • Choose a quiet space where you can be undisturbed.

  • Have your chosen candle ready – this could be a Hanukkah candle, Advent candle, or any candle used during the 8-day ritual.

Steps of the Ritual:

  1. Creating a Sacred Space:

  • Enter your quiet space and take a moment to center yourself. Breathe deeply and prepare to engage in this meaningful act.

  1. Lighting the Candle:

  • Light your candle with the awareness that your action is a reflection of your inner light igniting. Contemplate how your movements, commitments, and actions are integral to bringing this light into the world.

  1. Affirmation of Your Light:

  • As the flame flickers to life, hold in your consciousness the truth that you are a beacon of light. Your light has the power to illuminate the world and inspire others.

  • Gaze into the flame and reflect on your inherent power and divinity. Remember, you are made in the image of the Creator; you are a manifestation of Creation.

  1. Powerful Affirmations:

  • With conviction and belief in your voice, repeat the following affirmations:


  • Feel each affirmation resonate within you, affirming your identity and purpose.

  1. Reflection on the 8-Day Journey:

  • Spend some time in contemplation of the past eight days. Reflect on what has awakened within you during this period. What insights, transformations, or realizations have come to light?

  1. Closing the Ritual:

  • As you conclude, take a few deep breaths and gently extinguish the candle, carrying the warmth and light of its flame within you.

  • Carry forward the revelations and affirmations of this ritual into your daily life, embodying the light and love you have affirmed.

Post-Ritual Reflection:

Consider journaling your experiences and insights from the 8 Days of Ritual to the Light. Reflect on how you can continue to embody and express the affirmations in your everyday life, bringing your unique light to all you encounter. Remember, you are a vital part of the web of creation, and your light contributes to the illumination of the world.

Magdalene Shabbat Message: Embracing Challenges and Free Will for a New Destiny

As we welcome another Shabbat, let us reflect on the journey of our lives and the role of destiny and free will. Our Divine Destiny is written, and it is the gift of free will that empowers us to access our Sacred Journet by embracing new destinies throuought our life.

If you find yourself amidst challenges, recognize them not as obstacles, but as opportunities for growth and transformation. These challenges are presented to us so that we might rise above them, using our inner light to find creative solutions and thereby elevate our soul consciousness.

In facing these trials, resist the temptation to revert to old patterns of instant gratification or fear-driven responses. Instead, courageously journey through the challenge, seeking to understand the lessons it offers.

Challenges are often the catalysts that bring us to a state of humility, opening us to embrace new relationships, newfound abundance, creative ventures, and a deeper sense of unity.

This is a time to consciously step away from familiar comfort zones and the old patterns that keep us anchored in the past. Though discomfort may accompany this journey, it is a vital part of growth and renewal.

Embrace the power of your free will. Embrace the potential for a new destiny, one that you actively shape with each decision and action.

As we observe this Shabbat, let it be a reminder of our ability to choose, to change, and to rise. May your choices lead you to a path of fulfillment, growth, and unity.

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Ana Otero

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