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Day 9 Novena Mother Anna

On this 9th day of the Novena, take time to read all of the messages from Day 1 until Day 8. Today is the death and the rebirth that the number 9 symbolizes and it is an awakening in compassion.

There is a natural cycle that governs our entire life: birth-life-death-rebirth; it is a rhythm that is central to our everyday life and is felt in each breath we take – the inhale and the exhale. This rhythm is natural to our lives. How strange that most of us have been taught to fear it. The dance of life and death lives within every one of us at all times.

Take these teachings during this novena and let them be part of your life.

Make a special ritual on this last day of our Novena. Give thanks to mother Anna and your prayers to her.

Thank you for being part of this Novena and for honoring Mother Anna.


Ana Otero

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